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$2.3M Stolen from Wisconsin GOP via BEC Attack

$2.3M in election funds were recently stolen from the Wisconsin GOP by a BEC scam that altered vendor invoices.

New Spear Phishing Campaign Impersonates VCs and PE Firms

The new spear phishing campaign is targeting Office 365 credentials of high-value targets.

Understanding Why Spear Phish Are Highly Effective

Unlike your common bulk phishing attacks that target anyone and everyone, spear phishing attacks are highly effective and personally crafted for their targets.

Silent Librarian University Attacks Continue Unabated in Days Following Indictment

Following the formal indictment of nine Iranian threat actors on March 23, 'Silent Librarian' attacks against universities and other research organizations have continued unabated.

Silent Librarian: More to the Story of the IranianMabna Institute Indictment

PhishLabs began compiling attacks, lures, and other information tied to Mabna Institute threat actor group Silent Librarian starting in December 2017.

How to Calculate ROI for Security Awareness Training

It's notoriously hard to evidence the need for investment in security awareness. But with a concrete ROI forecast, the task becomes must easier.

How and Why You Should Calculate Your Organization’s Cost of Phishing

With so many variables and conflicting claims calculating the cost of phishing can be difficult. Let us make it easy for you.

Why Some Phishing Emails Will Always Get Through Your Spam Filter

If you've ever configured a spam filter, you know how frustrating it can be. Here's why some phishing emails always get through.

Why Your Users Keep Falling for Phishing Scams

Phishing has become a huge concern in recent years, and it can be frustrating when users continue to fall for them. Here's why it happens.

Recent Phishing Campaign Uses Jabber to Exfiltrate Compromised Information

PhishLabs' phishing research and analysis have shown that phishers are continually developing new methods to facilitate their malicious activities.