Enhance Cybersecurity with Fortra’s Threat Intelligence

Disrupt threat actors, prevent fraud, and enrich security controls.

Identify Major Threats Before Attackers Strike

It’s no secret that the technology and threat actors crafting external threats are constantly changing which makes detection and mitigation difficult. An organization’s threat data is valuable in stopping a portion of these external threats, but security teams often find their intelligence incomplete. They lack key threat indicators within a specific, highly disruptive threat category, or miss deep threat assessments on high-risk areas to better understand the threat landscape in enough detail to justify tactical and strategic adjustments.

Eliminate obstacles through a variety of threat intelligence solutions to enhance your overall cybersecurity and better understand the threats attacking your brands and employees. Fortra’s Threat Intelligence helps supplement and reinforce existing threat intelligence to empower organizations to take proactive measures against threats.


Equipping Security Teams with Critical Insight

Through Fortra's Threat Intelligence, security teams can disrupt threat actors by delivering critical insight, preventing fraud, and enriching security controls. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence Feeds




Access feeds based on unique threats including known indicators that have bypassed trusted security solutions. 

Threat Intelligence for Optimized Defense


With combined intelligence from PhishLabs, Agari, and the Fortra Threat Brain, users can augment existing security controls with additional insight.    

  • Threat  Engagement and Disruption covertly interacts with threat actors to enumerate their infrastructure and disrupt operations with direct BEC threat actor engagement and credential baiting.
  • Intelligence Feeds enrich existing internal threat data and enable the optimization of security controls to detect and mitigate more threats, including rich indicator feeds for credential theft cases, email threats reported by users, and money mule accounts.
  • Intelligence Assessments enrich security controls and improve operational and strategic threat decision making with expanded insight from supplemental fraud and email intelligence assessments provided by Fortra researchers. Gain deep insight into credential theft incidents, email threats, and counterfeit sites.