Intelligence Assessments

Enrich security controls and strategic decision-making. 

Cyber Intelligence Is a Powerful Tool

Indeed, in the realm of cybersecurity, the adage "knowledge is power" holds significant weight. Cyber threats continue to plague organizations, their employees, and their customers, and lack of threat intelligence doesn’t help matters. But what if those attempted threats could be used to combat future threats?

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Gain Better Insights of the Threat Landscape

Taking an innovative approach to cybersecurity involves an active defense or “threat hunting.” Organizations cannot continue to react to threats but rather proactively seek out threats by reviewing internal data, general threat landscapes, and industry analysis.


31% of executives said their main cybersecurity challenge was improper identification of key risks. 

Intelligence Threat Assessment Capabilities

Fortra’s PhishLabs Intelligence Assessments provide a better understanding of the threat landscape, threat actor behavior, and the types of threats targeting organizations. Through a greater visibility of data from Fortra, organizations will gain additional intelligence on PhishLabs subscribed services including Credential Theft, Counterfeit Protection, or Suspicious Email Analysis.  

Intelligence Assessments leverage a combination of threat intelligence feeds, advanced analytics, and expert analysis to help organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture.

Assess the General Threat Landscape

Assess the general threat landscape and compare scenarios through industry and activity group analysis or request custom RFI’s to thoroughly examine unique cybercrime tradecraft and incidents.

Deep Insight into Credential Theft Incidents

Gain deep insight into Credential Theft incidents impacting your organization through detailed threat actor assessments, infrastructure analysis, landscape evaluations, and phishing kits examinations.

Analyzing Employee-Reported Email Threats

Analyze employee-reported email threats to assess threat actor makeup, common infrastructures used, and to build a better understanding of attacker intentions.

Detailed Assessments on the Counterfeit Threats

Get detailed assessments of the counterfeit landscape or custom intelligence focusing on specific requests (assessments of threat actor makeup, tools and techniques used), and deep infrastructure analysis that examines domains and web servers used to facilitate attacks.

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Threat Intelligence Assessments are essential for cybersecurity teams to stay ahead of evolving threats and enhance defense capabilities thereby effectively protecting critical assets and information.