Intelligence Feeds

Improve your internal threat data to better detect and stop new threats.

Stay Ahead of Threats: Expand Indicators for Optimal Visibility


The lack of high-fidelity threat indicators poses a significant threat to organizations. Without these indicators, security controls may either generate a high volume of false alarms, leading to alert fatigue, or fail to detect genuine threats altogether, leaving systems vulnerable to attacks. According to a ThoughtLab survey, 31% of executives said their main cybersecurity challenge was improper identification of key risks.

Block Emerging Email Threats and Online Fraud

Fortra’s PhishLabs Intelligence Feeds enrich existing internal threat data and enable the optimization of security controls to detect and mitigate more threats. High-fidelity threat indicators sourced from Fortra’s proprietary technologies and threat experts help timely identify and access threats to stop novel attacks including credential phishing, look-alike domains, BEC attacks and more. Threat indicator feeds include: 


The Credential Theft Indicator Feed provides real-time visibility into confirmed credential theft URLs, and corresponding metadata including domains and related IP addresses. 


The Email Threat Indicator Feed delivers access to indicators extracted from malicious emails reported by users, analyzed by Fortra experts, and includes URLs, domains, email addresses, file hashes and more.


The Money Mule Account Feed contains mule accounts gathered from Fortra’s global engagements with threat actors including financial institution details, beneficiaries, account numbers, and IP addresses associated with bad actors. 

Key Capabilities of Threat Intelligence Feeds

Maintain a unique vantage point into emerging email threats and online fraud, with high-fidelity data vetted by a mature operational process including automated and expert review – not repackaged from third-party sources.

Access a wide variety of threat indicators sourced from Fortra’s proprietary collection of technologies and research experts.

Use a rich set of indicators curated by threat experts to save time and quickly identify threats.

Access indicators within minutes of an attack occurring.

Ingest threat indicators that have made it past Secure Email Gateways and frontline defenses of some of the largest, most valuable global brands.


A threat intelligence feed is a stream of indicator data curated from various data points to provide insights on potential attacks. 

Fortra’s Intelligence Feeds access a wide variety of threat indicators both collected and curated for quicker identification of threats including those that have made it past industry-leading Secure Email Gateways and supplemental frontline defenses.

Various points of data can make up an intelligence feed including phishing URLs, domains, IP addresses, emails file hashes, and associated mule account data including bank details and accounts, beneficiaries, and IP addresses associated with bad actors. 

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