Fortra Threat Intelligence Services

Delivering critical insight to disrupt threat actors, prevent fraud, and enrich security controls

Expanded Threat Intelligence Services and Feeds

Fortra's Threat Intelligence empowers organizations to take proactive measures against threats by equipping security teams with additional insight to better address blind spots, and proactively disrupt threat actors, prevent fraud, and enrich security. Through expanded capabilities, Fortra's Threat Intelligence can:

  • Enable users to proactively defend against attacks generated by stolen credentials
  • Covertly interact with threat actors to gain intelligence to enumerate their infrastructure and disrupt operations
  • Enrich existing internal threat data and enable the optimization of security controls to detect and mitigate more threats
  • Assist in improved decision making to improve security controls

Understand Threats

  • Expose the full attack cycle
  • Capture actor and infrastructure intel
  • Enumerate actor operations

Optimize Defenses

  • Add emerging threat indicators
  • Reduce vulnerability
  • Anticipate adversaries

Reduce Risk

  • Keep stakeholders informed
  • Monitor the threat landscape
  • Benchmark exposure against peers