Dark Web Monitoring

Gain visibility to dark web threats including brand attacks and compromised credentials.

Illuminate Dark Web Threats


The dark web is a vital part of the cybercrime underground, home to fraud and cyber threats that can go unnoticed by security teams. Threat actors leverage the anonymous nature of the dark web to cause financial and reputational damage to enterprises through compromised credentials, the exploitation of stolen data, threats of physical harm to executives, and covert planning of future attacks. 

Fortra’s PhishLabs proactively monitors the dark web and provides enterprises with expert-curated intelligence to protect against brand threats and compromised credentials. 

Uncover Brand Threats and Compromised Credentials Across the Dark Web


Transactions conducted on dark web forums and marketplaces provide threat actors the discreet cover they need to plan and execute attacks. Like-minded criminals plan attacks, buy, sell, and solicit resources like stolen credentials, combo lists of logins and banking details. These actions allow them to gain insider access to the systems of targeted organizations as well as steal critical data. Lack of visibility into exchanges and fully unredacted lists of compromised credentials that are not anonymized behind paywalls, make it difficult for security teams to proactively defend against an attack. PhishLabs comprehensive protection against dark web threats protects brands and their employees and customers.  

Dark Web Brand Monitoring

PhishLabs Dark Web Brand Monitoring observes dark sites, marketplaces, discussion groups, and forums. It detects a broad set of brand and executive mentions and threats such as stolen PII, card data, emails, phishing kits, and fraud tools targeting organizations, as well as Initial Access Brokers marketing illegal means of entry into corporate networks. Through this monitoring, PhishLabs provides expert-curated intelligence and risk awareness to protect corporate and executive brands, and valued assets.

Compromised Credentials Monitoring

Through Compromised Credentials Monitoring, PhishLabs provides visibility into credentials that have been leaked or stolen by infostealers, botnets, and other malware. Complete and unredacted visibility into compromised logins, emails, and passwords enables customers to implement proactive countermeasures like forced password resets and account lockouts to guard against potential account takeovers, breaches, and malware attacks.


With focused, direct monitoring of marketplaces and other dark web sites to identify references to stolen data and criminal activity associated with enterprises, PhishLabs Dark Web Monitoring delivers high-value intelligence and links key points of data to threat actor personas to continue surveillance and monitor for changes in activity. Whether working to stop the sale of personally identifiable information (PII), stolen credentials, the exploitation of source code, monitoring threatening chatter, or the distribution of malware exploit kits, PhishLabs’ dark web surveillance helps mitigate future attacks.


Maintain Vigilance with Dark Web Monitoring

Maintaining Vigilance in Dark Web Monitoring

Undetected dark web exchanges, compromised credentials, and attack planning can quickly become serious threats to targeted enterprises and executives. Left ignored, threat actors can use dark web resources to cause irreversible brand damage, physical harm, and execute crippling account takeovers. To protect against attacks, enterprises must be properly equipped to track down and monitor threatening activity. The intelligence to take proper action internally to force password resets, account lockouts, and even stop the exfiltration of outbound transfers in flight is also needed to protect valuable brands and employees. 

PhishLabs delivers holistic visibility into dark web threats through targeted intelligence collection. Dark Web Monitoring surveillance combines automated detection and expert human analysis that empowers enterprises to proactively identify and defend against future attacks that originate in the dark web.

Dark Web Monitoring Key Features


PhishLabs Dark Web Monitoring provides capabilities to uncover brand threats and compromised credentials across anonymized dark web sites and malware.

  • Gain visibility into Dark Web forums and marketplaces. Scrape dark web forums and marketplaces for mentions of your brand, compromised credentials, and other relevant threats.
  • Receive alerts for brand mentions on the dark web. Implement a monitoring system that tracks mentions of your brand on the dark web. 
  • Receive alerts for compromised credentials. Utilize proprietary threat intelligence feeds and monitoring solutions that detect compromised credentials from infostealers, botnets, and other malware. Dark Web Monitoring analyzes data breaches and underground forums to identify compromised employee and customer credentials.
  • Save time and refine search results. Remove the overwhelming burdens of information overload. A combination of automated tools and expert curation help broaden search results, while refining results to ensure relevance and accuracy. This removes the unwanted burdens that come with overloaded 
  • Utilize expert-curated intelligence. This intelligence can help link key data to threat actor personas and provide valuable insights into emerging threats and changes in threat activity.


Dark Web Monitoring scours the dark web for sensitive information such as compromised credentials, stolen PII, and brand and executive mentions. By monitoring for this information quickly, Dark Web Monitoring can detect and respond for comprehensive protection against dark web threats.

Fortra’s Dark Web Monitoring investigates dark web marketplaces, chat rooms, and forums to provide expert-curated intelligence and risk awareness to protect corporate and executive brands as well as valued assets. This is supported by Fortra’s proprietary sources, feeds, and methods that enhance visibility into brand mentions, threats, stolen corporate email addresses, and employee and customer credentials obtained by threat actors. In addition, the intelligence collected is curated by Fortra’s expert dark web analysts, saving organizations time and effort when classifying search results.