Phishing Site Takedown

Experience the fastest and highest success rate of credential theft phishing site takedown in the industry. 

The Vitality of Phishing Site Takedown

Phishing remains the most common cyberattack globally. Human interactions are pivotal in the spread of phishing success, which means the longer a phish exists, the more beneficial it becomes for threat actors. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the takedown of a phishing website is fundamental in protecting against fraud, data leaks, and other cyber threats. 

The only way to fully mitigate the risk of customer credential theft and account takeover is to disrupt a threat actor’s attack by take phishing sites completely offline.

Rapid takedowns are easier said than done. To take down phishing sites quickly and successfully, organizations need:

  • Strong established relationships with service providers
  • A proven reputation for high-fidelity threat intelligence
  • Streamlined mitigation via trusted technical integrations leveraging extensive high-quality abuse report submissions with legitimate threats.
More than Half of All Phishing Sites Impersonate Financials in Q4

Global Takedown Network

PhishLabs employs an extensive range of takedown services within the industry to ensure the fastest mitigation possible.

Killswitch Integrations

A rapid retort that deactivates features to stop the spread of threats only granted to entities, including Fortra, with an in-depth relationship with service providers. This type of integration does not come easily and is only available for trusted partnerships.

Accelerating Takedowns with Automated Killswitches


Automated killswitches go directly to the organization’s infrastructure to automatically take down a threat in rapid time. This alleviates the damage a threat can create – especially with little downtime. Traditional mitigation methods take more time creating a larger window of opportunity for threat actors to engage targets.
The faster organizations can mitigate threats, the lesser the damage, but many threat scenarios exist and every service provider operates differently. Cybersecurity companies must have comprehensive knowledge of regulations, both local and international, and have a deep understanding of the threat landscape to efficiently collaborate with service providers in swiftly neutralizing phishing threats. 

Fortra’s PhishLabs offers the strongest mitigation network, helping organizations avoid cumbersome waiting periods that often occur when managing the problem alone. Instead, PhishLabs invested years in working with registrars, ISPs, and hosts. This work allowed us to refine our threat mitigation process and build an unlimited model where automated killswitches go directly into the infrastructure — automatically taking down threats when we confirm it’s malicious.

Unmatched Success Rate and Speed


PhishLabs’ service facilitates domain takedown by working directly with the domain registrar to provide streamlined and effective threat elimination. Normally, entities requesting domain takedown must provide detailed evidence of abuse, and ultimately it is up to the registrar to determine if the offending domain should be removed. PhishLabs’ domain monitoring service gathers the evidence needed and gets malicious domains taken offline quickly. 

PhishLabs knows what qualifies for takedown and what evidence each registrar requires. Having cultivated an extensive network of trusted registrar partners, our customers benefit with access to automated killswitches, takedown APIs, preferred escalation procedures, the highest success rate, and the fastest speed of malicious takedown in the industry.



Protect Your Online Presence With Phishing Site Takedown Solutions


When it comes to protecting credentials from online threats, time is not on your side. Don’t allow threat actors the luxury of utilizing phishing sites due to helpless wait times. Your organization needs the help of a trusted security solution with established relationships, reputation, and technical integrations built by years of experience. 

See how PhishLabs trusted relationships, automated killswitches, preferred escalation procedures, unlimited takedown model, and relentless approach can eliminate phishing sites faster and more effectively than anyone else in the industry.