Open Web Monitoring

Mitigate open web threats and get complete protection to your organization’s credibility.

Protect Your Brand from Abuse on the Open Web

Organizations spend a great deal of time and money on the integrity of their brand, and threat actors oftentimes leverage that brand trust. Unauthorized associations, traffic diversion schemes, counterfeit goods, and other misrepresentations diminish brand value and cause meaningful harm to organizations. Unfortunately, false associations of recognizable brands are common on the web, where using an organization’s earned credibility can be as simple as someone placing the logo on a website.


Social Media Mitigation Best Practices for All Financial Institutions

Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Capabilities to Stop Threats


Fortra's PhishLabs gives organizations threat intelligence and mitigation capabilities needed to stop threats that abuse brands, logos, images, domains, IP,  and trademarks. PhishLabs Open Web Monitoring scours the open web for potential indicators of brand abuse

Open Web Monitoring addresses:

  • Abuses of intellectual property
  • Unauthorized association by third parties
  • Prohibited channel activity
  • Lost revenues due to traffic diversion using your brand name
  • Illicit activity using your brand

Collection Methods: Using proprietary web crawling technology, PhishLabs continuously collects content from thousands of open web sources and uses exact and fuzzy mentions of key terms to detect unauthorized associations and misrepresentations. 

Analysis and Intelligence: PhishLabs’ brand experts analyze brand-related activity to determine threat severity and remove any content that poses a legitimate risk to your organization - capturing screenshots and threat URLs when available. Ongoing monitoring also detects resurfaced content for complete brand protection against all types of brand abuse.

Threat Mitigation: Open web threats are mitigated via PhishLabs' extensive network of trusted partnerships. Actions include contacting parties such as the website owner, hosting company, or DNS provider to give complete protection to organization’s credibility.