Threat Engagement and Disruption

Engage with threat actors to enumerate threat infrastructures and disrupt operations.

Defend Against Major Threats

Imagine being able stop cyberattacks before they leave the threat actor’s door. Or having the insights into the motives and technology of threat actors. Fortra’s PhishLabs can directly engage with adversaries to take further action and protect your organization from attacks with Threat Engagement and Disruption. 

Fortra’s Threat Engagement and Disruption directly interacts with threat actors to enumerate their infrastructure and disrupt operations. Fortra engages directly with response-based attacks, like BEC, and through the credential baiting of phishing sites, to gain vital, first-hand intelligence about adversaries, their motives and technology, to take further action and protect enterprises from future attacks. 

What is the Relationship Between Ransomware and Phishing?

Key Features


Gain Actionable Intelligence with BEC Threat Actor Engagement

  • Fortra’s BEC Threat Actor Engagement is a fully managed service designed to disrupt the operations of fraudsters and combat a variety of response-based email threats including invoice and payroll diversions, executive impersonations, and other forms of BEC.
  • Fortra engages BEC threat actors on your behalf to determine location, gain visibility into fund transfer methods, mule accounts, and associated infrastructure.

Credential Baiting/Seeding

  • Gain additional visibility into threat actors and their motives by determining who uses stolen credentials and for what reason they are being used.
  • Fortra helps gather valuable attacker intelligence by baiting phishing sites impersonating your brand with canary credentials on your behalf, enabling you to safely gather attacker metadata including location, user agents, and IP addresses used.
  • Security teams are updated immediately with a date stamp when credentials have been seeded and will receive weekly reports.

Why Fortra's Threat Engagement and Disruption?

Avoid Contact with Threat Actors

Fortra experts actively engage with threat actors to gain intelligence about the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) being utilized for malicious activity.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Fortra gathers intel and provides visibility into the full attack cycle, resulting in actionable intelligence.

Managed Security Service

Our team conducts active engagements with online fraudsters who target organizations with response-based email threats such as invoice diversion, payroll diversion, executive.

Stay Informed

With an expansive portfolio of cybersecurity technologies, Fortra has extensive visibility into the infrastructure and methods used by threat actors. Intelligence from these technologies is fed into the Fortra Threat Brain, where it is used to enrich its solutions and deliver intelligence services to customers.