Executive Protection

Protect against threats targeting or impersonating VIPs. 

Executives Are High-Value Targets for Threat Actors


Cyber threats facing executives vary as widely as their unique personalities and leadership styles. The importance of executives and the public-facing nature of their roles increasingly expose them to a wide range of attacks.

The growing online presence of executives, both personal and professional, makes it difficult for security teams to track and identify legitimate threats. VIPs are subject to account takeover, spear-phishing attacks, and impersonation, as well as protests, threats of physical harm, and extortion. As their online profiles expand, the probability of compromise increases.

Monitor Executive Threats Across the Digital Landscape

Lack of visibility into the broad range of threats targeting VIPs makes even common risks difficult to identify. Security teams must ensure their feeds are capturing the critical data needed from a broad set of sources to stop attacks before damage is done.

PhishLabs monitors for executive threats across the surface web, deep web, dark web, and social media, providing complete visibility of an executive’s online presence. With blanket coverage of the threat landscape, enterprises can identify a broad array of threats ranging from whaling attacks, to threats that breach the firewall through Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams preying on unsuspecting employees, to highly discreet, dark web chatter threatening physical harm to executives.

Executive Protection Monitoring

Reduce Noise, Identify Real Threats

Executive Protection Curation

Security teams struggle to churn through the noise generated by high-profile VIPs and efficiently distinguish real threats from false positives. Further, relying on AI and Machine Learning alone to process search results can provide an incomplete analysis, placing executives at risk.

PhishLabs helps cut through the noise to quickly identify real threats targeting executives. High fidelity, technology-driven results, and expert human analysis adds critical context needed to identify and stop threats. This delivers complete visibility into the malicious online activity that exposes corporate VIPs to serious risk.

Minimize Executive Risks with Streamlined Mitigation

When credible executive attacks are identified, security teams are on the clock to swiftly mitigate the threat. However, many are unable to take down threats quickly enough to minimize damage.

Properly executed mitigation is labor intensive. It requires detailed evidence gathering and advanced knowledge of takedown policies and procedures to block and remove malicious content.

As a valued extension of your security team, PhishLabs delivers world-class mitigation services backed by years of strong industry relationships and specialized knowledge of takedown procedures that streamline the mitigation of executive threats and minimize negative impact.

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Extend Your Security Team and Improve Security ROI

Executive Protection to Improve ROI

The broad range of cyberattacks threatening executives and the brands they represent is an operational challenge for security teams. With limited expertise, time, and budget to manage a sprawling threat matrix, volumes of data to examine, and complicated mitigation procedures, enterprises struggle to takedown threats timely before damage is done.

PhishLabs provides businesses a strong ROI with an end-to-end solution that delivers complete visibility, expert curation of data, and industry-proven mitigation to protect executives and their reputations.