Account Takeover Protection

Prevent account takeover fraud

Online Customer Accounts Are Vulnerable to Takeover


Cybercriminals use every attack method available to harvest credentials and take control of online accounts for financial gain. They impersonate trusted brands using persuasive phishing sites, Vishing and SMiShing lures, and crimeware delivered via mobile or desktop.

After acquiring credentials, threat actors take over customer accounts to engage in fraudulent activities that often result in significant reputation damage and financial loss for businesses.


Proactively Detect Advanced Phishing Attacks

Threat actors are constantly evolving their tactics to evade detection technologies. Developing new blocking techniques enables scammers to keep phishing campaigns active for longer periods of time, increasing the likelihood of their success.

Improving the ability to quickly detect new threat campaigns leads to faster takedown and ultimately less impact. However, successfully bypassing bad actor evasion tactics requires implementing advanced countermeasures.

PhishLabs’ experts use several anti-evasion technologies and methods to analyze active threat campaigns. This approach aids in the discovery of associated infrastructure and yields specific, high-fidelity intelligence. We continuously integrate this new data into detection technologies to accelerate threat identification and ultimately stop future campaigns before they launch or cause harm.


Protect Valuable Online Customer Data


Cybercriminals routinely persuade online account holders to disclose usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data. With this information, scammers access and leverage customer accounts for any number of malicious purposes, including theft, malware delivery, or propagation of further attacks.

When phishing attacks are identified early, businesses can protect valuable customer information and reduce the risk of account compromise. However, proactive detection requires extensive visibility across a broad set of online intelligence sources.

The PhishLabs technology platform consumes and monitors intelligence from a robust set of sources, including over 350 million potential phishing URLs daily from new domain registrations, SSL transparency logs, passive DNS data, active DNS queries, and DMARC failure reports (such as those from Agari by Fortra). With advanced proactive detection, the largest phishing dataset, and world-class expertise, our ability to accurately detect phishing campaigns that lead to account takeover attacks is unparalleled.

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Continuous data collection from the surface web, deep web, dark web, and mobile app stores

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Data Feeds

Data feed ingestion of URLs, passive DNS, SSL certs, DMARC reports, email, SMS, and malware

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Unparalleled breadth of automated data collection combined with expert mining methods

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Pivoting processes identify related threat infrastructure for deeper disruption

Prevent, Detect, and Disrupt Account Takeover Fraud


Learn how Fortra’s Customer Phishing Protection Bundle integrates best-of-breed solutions from Agari and PhishLabs to prevent domain spoofing, detect more phishing campaigns resulting in account takeover, and mitigate the infrastructure threat actors rely on to initiate attacks.



Unrivaled Takedown at Enterprise Scale


Paired with early detection, the disruption of phishing campaign infrastructures and the rapid takedown of credential theft phishing sites significantly reduces the risk of account compromise. However, contacting hosting providers, ISPs, and registrars to report abuse can be time-consuming as procedures for handling takedown requests vary widely. Partnering with PhishLabs gives your organization access to an extensive global network of provider relationships, extending your ability to quickly mitigate attacks.

Additionally, fraud actors are increasingly using sophisticated automation to multiply the number of lures they distribute and improve their chances of success. Effective takedown of attack infrastructures and malicious sites requires streamlined reporting processes, trusted relationships, and automated integrations.

Yet businesses still face volumes too high to manage effectively, leading to prolonged exposure and elevated risk. With direct access to automated killswitches and preferred escalation integrations, PhishLabs’ customers enjoy unrivaled threat takedown at enterprise scale.

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Killswitch integrations, takedown APIs, strategic relationships, browser-blocking, DMCA takedowns

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APIs, SIEMs, SOARs, TIPs, FWs, and IDPs

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Client Web App

Executive dashboard, incident management, intuitive workflows, reporting, and analytics

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Reporting APIs

Threat intelligence indicators, incident data reporting, and incident creation

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