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Online Counterfeit Stores are Cannibalizing Sales

Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Protection Services

Online counterfeit ads lead to billions in lost sales and brand damage. But the harm extends well beyond lost sales.

Pirated goods erode customer confidence, increase security operational costs, and inflate online advertising rates as enterprises compete directly with threat actors over prime online advertising space.

PhishLabs disrupts online counterfeit campaigns from end-to-end with comprehensive detection of counterfeit ads and websites across multiple digital channels to quickly identify and take down unauthorized ads and storefronts.

Stop Counterfeit Lures from Robbing Revenue

Threat actors use a variety of tools across multiple channels to attract online shoppers. Every day, buyers unknowingly interact with fake social media profiles and ads mimicking brands. They are also targeted by pay-per-click ads through leading search engines and maliciously registered look-alike domains. The large volume of misleading messages significantly increases the chance an unsuspecting consumer will land on a counterfeit storefront, fueling a troubling uptick in counterfeit sales.

PhishLabs proactively detects and disrupts counterfeit storefronts by monitoring a wide range of intelligence sources through a combination of proprietary technology and expert human analysis. We broadly monitor social media profiles and ads, domain registrars for look-alike domains, pay-per-click ads, and the open web for the unauthorized use of your brand, to stop the sale of counterfeit products.

Stop lures

Disrupt Counterfeit Threats

Disrupt Counterfeit Threats Playbook

Counterfeit threats, such as fraudulent ads and look-alike domains, are on the rise. However, the collection and mitigation of counterfeit activity can be complicated.

This playbook examines the most common types of counterfeit activity, detection strategies, and mitigation methods to help your organization better navigate these growing threats.



Take Down Counterfeit Operations: From Ads to Stores


As counterfeits become increasingly profitable, malicious storefronts are becoming more sophisticated and effective at defrauding consumers. In addition to using deceptive look-alike domains, fraudulent sites also feature stolen logos, product imagery, and content from leading brands, making it exceedingly difficult for consumers to distinguish between legitimate and mimicked sites. Commonly used shopping cart applications and trusted alternative payment methods, such as PayPal, also add to the false sense of legitimacy. Threat actors are even investing in shipping operations to deliver pirated goods to customers worldwide.

PhishLabs expert analysts reduce the high volume of noise and false positives associated with counterfeit campaigns and sites to take down threats quickly and completely. We mitigate the lures used to direct customer traffic to online storefronts where pirated goods are sold. Once unauthorized sites are identified, PhishLabs takes swift and thorough action through strong relationships with hosting providers, ISPs, and registrars to thoroughly mitigate sites and stop the bleeding.