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How to Collect Intelligence on Threats Targeting Retail Brands

Retail brands are increasingly targeted with fraudulent advertisements, fake social accounts, and falsely branded websites. These multipronged counterfeit campaigns redirect sales and compromise consumer data using brand recognition, the same component critical to driving sales within the retail industry.

Average Organization Sees Two-Fold Increase in Social Media Attacks in 2021

Social Media attacks targeting enterprises increased 103% in 2021, according to PhishLabs Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report.

OSINT: How Usernames Unlock Investigations

Usernames can hold meaning to the individual, and as a result provide useful information when expanding investigations to different social platforms.

APWG: SSL Certificates No Longer Indication of Safe Browsing

Key highlights of the report include a significant increase in wire transfer loss attributed to business email compromise (BEC) attacks from the first quarter and a 20% increase in BEC attacks targeting the social media sector.

APWG Year-End Report: 2019 A Roller Coaster Ride for Phishing

APWG's Q4 report shows ups and downs for 2019 phishing attacks, with SSL sites, web email, social media and BEC as the top trends.

Why You Should Take Social Media Account Takeover as Seriously as a BEC Attack

Much like a threat actor can pose as an executive in BEC attacks, they can take over a social media account and abuse the inherent trust we have with it.

New Webinar: Inside the World of Social Media Phishing: Financial Scams

Attend our upcoming webinar to learn about the latest techniques threat actors use to abuse social media for phishing attacks.

How to Handle Brand Impersonation on Social Media

In a world where it only takes moments to create a profile on social media, there is a difference between parody and malicious attacks.

The Vast Social Media Landscape for Phishing Threats

Threat actors can and will abuse the largest social media sites; but what about blogs, forums, and even gripe sites? Those too can be phishing risks.

How Social Media Threatens Personal and Corporate Security

Social media is about more than likes and memes, the content on each platform can potentially threaten any brand, their employees, customers, or executives.