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Account Takeover Attacks Cause Chaos @ Twitter

On Tuesday afternoon, dozens of high-profile Twitter accounts were hijacked. Threat actors took over the accounts of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, and many others. Corporate Twitter accounts were also hijacked. What does this mean for enterprises and their security teams?

Marketing Teams Are Not Equipped to Monitor Social Media Threats

Want to protect your brands, employees, and customers from threats originating from social media? Your marketing team and their tools are not sufficient.

Why Social Media is Increasingly Abused for Phishing Attacks

For more than a decade the use of social media has grown, and along with it, so have the tactics used by threat actors to abuse each kind.

How To Tackle the Hidden Threat of Social Media

Social media isn't just likes and memes, it's a platform designed for communication. Unfortunately, that can pose threats to your brand.

How Social Media Threatens Personal and Corporate Security

Social media is about more than likes and memes, the content on each platform can potentially threaten any brand, their employees, customers, or executives.