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Romanian Cybercriminals Sentenced for Phishing Campaign

After our team worked with federal law enforcement officials, three Romanian threat actors have been sentenced for their role in SMiShing and Vishing campaigns.

The Most Common Types of Reported Emails

Well trained users know that reporting suspicious content is important. Here's what we learned from more than 500,000 of those reported emails.

It Only Takes One to Detect or Infect

A single user can impact your network for better or worse. By training employees to detect and report phishing threats, it can offset some of even the most vicious attacks.

Hiding in Plain Sight: How Phishing Attacks are Evolving

In the past, phishing threat actors did little to hide their tracks. Now that there is pushback on their attacks, they've evolved and started to use blocking techniques to avoid detection and shutdowns.

Using Reported Phish to Hunt Threats

Everybody knows that reported phishing emails are a valuable resource. But are you making maximum use of yours? This is how you can use reported phish to aid your threat hunting capability.