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QBot Operations Peak Pre-Takedown, O365 Attacks Increase in Q2

Cybercriminals doubled down on popular threat types and preferred malicious software in Q2, with O365 phish and QBot malware dominating inboxes by significant margins.

Phishing Sites Impersonating Social Media Jump in Q2

In Q2, phishing attacks targeting social media platforms increased more than 23%, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs.

Untrustworthy Email in Inboxes Reaches All-Time High

In Q1, the volume of emails classified as malicious or do not engage reached nearly a quarter of all reported emails.

Phishing Campaign Uses Malicious Office 365 App

New phishing technique discovered that abuses Microsoft Office 365's add-in feature. Threat actor then gains full control of everything, including files.

Unique Countermeasures in Active Phishing Campaign Avoids Security Tools

This active campaign combines a variety of techniques with a non-text-based email body in order to evade email security technologies.

Active Office 365 Credential Theft Phishing Campaign Targeting Admin Credentials

An ongoing phishing campaign has been observed targeting the administrative accounts that manage Microsoft Office 365. Here's what you need to know.