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Why Phishing Matters

Almost every day I speak with a bank somewhere about phishing. I ask them how much of a threat is it, what are they doing about it, and how does it affect their business. Surprisingly, the answers I get vary quite a bit from one organization to another. Most are concerned about the costs of […]

“Your ACH Transaction” Spam Leads to Malware

PhishLabs has discovered a new malware campaign which appears to be an alert from NACHA regarding a failed ACH transaction. If a vulnerable user clicks the enclosed link, they will be infected with malware. Users receive an email message which appears as follows: From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 9:47 AM To: Denise […]

Advancements in Phishing Redirector Scripts

Almost since the beginning of phishing, attackers have created simple webpages that redirect users to another URL that contains the actual phishing form. They do this for several reasons. In case their phishing site is shutdown, they can simply change the destination of the redirect to point to another phishing site. This means that everyone […]

PDF Viewer Spoof

A recent Australian Tax Office phish is using an interesting technique to try to appear legitimate: it spoofs the controls for the Adobe Acrobat in-browser PDF viewer.   Would-be victims are seeing a web page form in the browser, but it almost looks like they’re viewing a PDF document that’s making use of javascript forms. […]

Open Formmailers Won’t Die

Some security problems just never seem to go away. I’m not sure if its because there’s a steady stream of new web developers that have to learn things the hard way, if people forget, or they think that their open programs won’t be found by the bad guys. Unfortunately for those of us that fight […]

Acrobat 0-Day Used in Targeted Attacks

You may have heard about a recently discovered 0-day vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat that has been used in targeted attacks. While this isn’t anything like a traditional phishing or malware attack, it could be considered a type of ‘spear’ phishing. In case you haven’t heard the details yet, there’s a vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat Reader […]