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Top Fraudulent Activity Targeting Retail on the Dark Web – Part Two

To effectively protect against abuse targeting your organization, security teams should prioritize dark web threat intelligence including understanding of the types dark web threats relevant to your brand and where they live.

Top Fraudulent Activity Targeting Retail on the Dark Web

In this piece, we highlight Promotions Fraud and Account Credentials targeting retail brands on the dark web.

Impersonation Represents the Top Social Media Threat in Q4

Social media attacks targeting organizations closed out 2022 nearly 19% higher than Q4 of 2021, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. Social platforms continue to act as a hotbed for malicious activity, leaving organizations of all sizes vulnerable to brand and executive abuse.

Cybercrime Cost U.S. $6.9 Billion in 2021

The FBI's annual look at phishing, scam, and personal data breach statistics is out.

New Man-in-the-Middle attacks leveraging rogue DNS

PhishLabs has observed new Man-in-the-Middle attacks using rogue DNS to takeover accounts and evade fraud detection. Customers of 70+ financial institutions are being targeted.