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Financials See Increase in Phishing Attacks, Compromised Sites Lead Staging Methods in Q3

In Q3, nearly 80% of threat actors opted to compromise existing websites or abuse free tools when staging phishing sites, according to the latest data from Fortra’s PhishLabs.

Top 4 Threats to Retail Brands

Cyber attacks targeting retail brands have increased dramatically over the last year. Since Q3 2021, retail has experienced a nearly 500% increase in attacks on social media alone. Counterfeit websites and look-alike domains are also among the top threats to online retailers.

What Is Email Spoofing and How Do You Protect Against It?

Email spoofing is one of the most common forms of cybercriminal activity, specifically a form of identity deception that’s widely used in phishing and spam attacks.

Q1 Phishing Volume Consistent, Up Over Q4

In Q1, more than 51% of phishing sites abused paid services, according to the Agari and PhishLabs Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report.

Erratic Phishing Volume Increases 28% in 2021

Phishing site volume increased 28% over the course of 2021, according to PhishLabs Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report.

Top 10 TLDs Abused

In the latest PhishLabs Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence report, we break down how actors are abusing Legacy Generic (gTLD) and Country Code (ccTLD) Top-level domains, HTTPS, and free security certificates to target enterprises.