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Emails Reported as Malicious Reach Four-Quarter High in Q3

The volume of malicious emails reported in corporate inboxes has reached a four-quarter high, according to the latest data from Fortra’s PhishLabs.

New Report Documents Highest Volume of Response-Based Email Threats Since 2020

In Q2, Response-Based attacks targeting corporate inboxes climbed to their highest volume since 2020, according to the latest Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report from Agari and PhishLabs.

Top 10 Ways To Recognize a Phishing Email

Attackers continue to find clever new ways to disguise phishing emails. Here are 10 different ways you can identify a phishing email.

The “I’s” Have It: How BEC Scammers Validate New Targets with Blank Emails

Have you ever received a blank email from someone you don’t know? If you have, it may have been from a cybercriminal making sure your email account is legitimate prior to a BEC attack.

10,000 organisations targeted by phishing attack that bypasses multi-factor authentication

Microsoft has shared details of a widespread phishing campaign that not only attempted to steal the passwords of targeted organisations, but was also capable of circumventing multi-factor authentication (MFA) defences.

What Is Email Spoofing and How Do You Protect Against It?

Email spoofing is one of the most common forms of cybercriminal activity, specifically a form of identity deception that’s widely used in phishing and spam attacks.

Building Cybersecurity Resilience in Financial Services

Despite paying significant attention to security, many organizations continue to be the targets of advanced persistent threats, fraud, sophisticated phishing campaigns, and other bold efforts to access the personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive IP they maintain.

Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence

This guest blog by Dr. Edward Amoroso, TAG Cyber, provides a high-level overview of modern advances in cyber threat intelligence and how the Fortra cybersecurity portfolio supports this important method for reducing information risk in enterprise at various levels of the intelligence process starting with data security.

Cybercrime Cost U.S. $6.9 Billion in 2021

The FBI's annual look at phishing, scam, and personal data breach statistics is out.

The Most Prevalent Threats to Corporate Inboxes

In this post, we discuss the top threat types reaching corporate inboxes, and what these attacks mean for security teams.

APWG Q3 Report:Four Out of Five Criminals Prefer HTTPS

Highlights from the report include more than two hundred thousand unique phishing websites detected in August and September, SSL encryption for phishing sites overtaking SSL deployment for general websites, and a 10 percent increase in BEC attacks originating from free webmail accounts.

$2.3M Stolen from Wisconsin GOP via BEC Attack

$2.3M in election funds were recently stolen from the Wisconsin GOP by a BEC scam that altered vendor invoices.

APWG: SSL Certificates No Longer Indication of Safe Browsing

Key highlights of the report include a significant increase in wire transfer loss attributed to business email compromise (BEC) attacks from the first quarter and a 20% increase in BEC attacks targeting the social media sector.

APWG Year-End Report: 2019 A Roller Coaster Ride for Phishing

APWG's Q4 report shows ups and downs for 2019 phishing attacks, with SSL sites, web email, social media and BEC as the top trends.

New White Paper: BEC Attacks are the Most Costly Form of Phishing

Download our latest white paper to understand BEC attacks are the most costly form of phishing.

APWG: Phishing Continues to Rise, Threat Actors Love Gift Cards

APWG's Q2 report shows phishing increasing, SaaS industry prime target, and threat actors are after gift cards.

BEC Attacks: A Closer Look at Invoice Scams

Why do Invoice Scams, a form of phishing attack, constantly bypass email security technology? The lack of attachments and links.

How Spear Phishing Makes BEC Attacks So Effective

When threat actors research their victims and use that intelligence, it makes their phishing attacks just that much more effective.

How Business Email Compromise (BEC) Attacks Impact Everyone

BEC or Business Email Compromise Attacks are some of the most effective and costly forms of phishing.

All Phish are Not Created Equal: The Evolving BEC Scam

As cybercriminals evolve their attack methodologies, they have learned from their mistakes and BEC is an unfortunate example of how they are circumventing technology defenses and exploiting organizations' greatest vulnerability: employees.

Olympic Vision Keylogger and BEC Scams

The ease of buying low cost, pre-built tools broadens the range of potential targets in BEC attacks. This blog discusses one of these tools - Olympic Keylogger.