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Qbot Payloads Dominate Q1

Qbot payloads targeting enterprises contributed to almost three quarters of all email-based malware since the beginning of 2022.

Advanced Banking Trojan Sets New Standard for Android Malware

A new Android banking trojan is targeting financial institutions, crypto-wallets, and the retail industry.

Alien Mobile Malware Evades Detection, Increases Targets

PhishLabs is monitoring the increasing number of mobile applications targeted by the relatively new Alien Mobile Banking Trojan.

Surge in ZLoader Attacks Observed

PhishLabs has observed a spike in malicious emails distributing ZLoader malware.

Active TrickBot Campaign Observed Abusing SendGrid and Google Docs

We have observed an active TrickBot campaign targeting employees of multiple organizations. Unlike traditional BankBot attacks, it uses malicious links instead of attachments.

BankBot Anubis Switches to Chinese and Adds Telegram for C2

Mobile malware BankBot Anubis recently began using Chinese characters to encode C2 information and added Telegram as a method for distributing C2 communications. This post details these changes.

New Variant of BankBot Banking Trojan Ups Ante, Cashes Out on Android Users

BankBot Anubis takes mobile threats to the next level incorporating ransomware, keylogger abilities, remote access trojan functions, SMS interception, call forwarding, and lock screen functionality.

Dissecting the Qadars Banking Trojan

A deep-dive malware analysis of the Qadars Banking Trojan and how it works.

The unrelenting evolution of Vawtrak

In December 2014, Vawtrak version 0x38 was released including significant code and configuration changes that indicate momentum and an intense focus on development of the crimeware kit.