Brand Protection

Detect and mitigate digital brand abuse

Digital Brand Protection Defends Reputable Brands from Abuse

Brand abuse can happen anywhere online. Threat actors take advantage of reputable brands on the web and social media to add credibility to their attacks. Look-alike domains, fake websites, and bogus social profiles all pose a threat, and have the ability to cause substantial harm to enterprises and their customers.

These examples of digital brand impersonation can quickly lead to fraud losses and security incidents. Defend your organization with a digital brand protection solution.

Gain visibility Across the Threat Landscape with a Brand Protection Solution

Cyber criminals routinely deceive your customers for financial gain. They build credential theft websites and convincing social profiles that impersonate, undermine, and damage prominent brands.

Identifying instances of brand misrepresentation can safeguard against significant reputation damage. However, detection requires broad visibility across web, domain, and social media channels, as well as access to a wide range of intelligence sources.

Our digital brand protection solution continuously collects massive amounts of data from the surface web, deep web, dark web and social media to identify content containing brand keywords and variations. Our unparalleled breadth of automated data collection combined with expert mining methods enables the widest possible view of potential threats to your brand across digital channels.

Eliminate the Noise and Focus on Legitimate Digital Brand Threats

The sheer volume of data on the web is overwhelming, and intelligence tools built to find brand matches can generate large volumes of low fidelity results, making false positives common.

Sifting through potential findings can compromise a security team’s ability to find truly malicious activity. And yet, analysts devote most of their time to churning through large quantities of brand mentions.

Our digital brand protection solution uses machine-filtering technology and expert analysts to validate, categorize, and prioritize the references to your brand that matter most. By eliminating the noise, your team is empowered to focus on the threats impacting your reputation.

Streamline the Takedown of Digital Brand Abuse

Quickly removing threats to your brand is the most effective method of mitigating impact. However, navigating the complexities of online threat takedown requires patience and perseverance.

Successful takedown can require several attempts, and the process often involves submitting online forms, exchanging several emails, and waiting for a final decision. Each provider has different policies, and the burden is on the submitter to provide detailed evidence of malicious activity.

PhishLabs’ expert analysts continuously gather and clearly document proof of digital brand abuse during data collection and curation, and know which types of abuse meets each providers’ qualifications for takedown.

Our volume and threat fidelity over the past 15 years have allowed us to build a network of trusted partnerships with leading registrars and social platforms. Our customers experience the advantage of direct killswitches, favored escalation, and the fastest, most effective takedowns.

Our Brand Protection Solution Alleviates Operational Workload

Prescriptive tools built to monitor online brand mentions require security teams to wade through numerous results, determine what qualifies as abuse, and decide which mitigation method to use.

PhishLabs’ brand protection experts act as an embedded resource and take full ownership of the data collection, intelligence curation, and threat mitigation process without adding to your operational workload.

Our skilled takedown experts relentlessly pursue threats to your brand. That’s why the most targeted organizations in the world trust PhishLabs to protect them from digital risks.

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