Social Media Protection

Find and mitigate threats on social media

Threat Actors Use Social Media for a Variety of Attacks

Threat actors are increasingly using social media to attack brands, VIPs, and customers. The anonymous nature and extensive reach of social media invite a broad spectrum of bad actors, exposing enterprises to substantial risk.

More than half of the world’s population actively engages in social media. Scammers target this audience with a broad array of threats, including social media impersonation schemes, defamation, and physical violence. As a result, businesses face costly cleanups, fraud losses, and brand damage.

Social Media Threat Monitoring

Lack of visibility across the constantly evolving social media landscape makes identifying threats difficult. Whether you’re concerned about the unauthorized sharing of source code, brand and VIP impersonations, or fraud – PhishLabs has you covered.

With PhishLabs, you can monitor for threats across the social media landscape. We gather data from thousands of social media sites, ranging from the world’s most highly trafficked social platforms to popular repositories, forums, blogs, paste sites, and gripe sites. Our advanced data collection measures ensure proactive social media threat monitoring across a broad range of sites.

Focus on Real Threats, Not False Positives

Businesses face an uphill battle churning through a high volume of potentially malicious data from a wide variety of threats while managing social media brand protection. This additional burden affects their ability to differentiate legitimate risks from false positives, severely impacting response times.

PhishLabs’ social media risk monitoring reduces the noise, efficiently categorizing and adding context to threats with finely tuned, automated risk analysis combined with expert review. This refined process provides enterprises with intelligence that is ready for action.

Navigating Social Media Threats

This playbook discusses best practices security teams must follow in order to collect and curate intelligence on social media. By following our multi-pronged approach, organizations will better understand what is required to identify and mitigate social media threats.

Streamline Mitigation, Strengthen Social Media Protection

Strengthening social media protection by taking down threats before they cause damage can be difficult and time-consuming. Each platform enforces unique policies and procedures for removing content and suspending accounts. Effective social media brand protection also takes time to gather the intelligence needed to build a convincing case that a profile is malicious. For these reasons, many enterprises lack the time, expertise, and budget to mitigate threats.

With PhishLabs, once a social media threat is identified, we immediately take action. We have the strong business relationships, procedural knowledge, and experience needed to quickly stop these attacks.

Whether it’s eliminating impersonations, financial scams, or reputational risks such as defamatory claims or unauthorized brand associations, PhishLabs Social Media Protection mitigates and minimizes the security threats to your business.

Reduce Workloads and Extend Your Security Team

The accessibility and reach of social media provide bad actors with ample opportunity. The breadth and depth of social media threats to enterprises grow daily, burdening security teams with mountains of data to churn through and time-consuming mitigation procedures to manage.

PhishLabs provides a complete social media threat monitoring solution, delivering the entire intelligence collection, curation, and threat mitigation process. We serve as a valued extension of your security team and do it without adding to your operational workload.

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