Inside the World of Social Media Phishing: Financial Scams

On a daily basis, most people will use some form of social media. From checking photos of your friends and pets, to communicating with coworkers and loved ones, social media is a large part of the connected world. Unfortunately, this also means that the more social media is used, the more likely that threat actors will try to exploit it. Join us as we discuss how social media is abused for financially driven phishing attacks.

Like all phishing attacks, social engineering is the most vicious component in these kinds of financial scams. Targeted victims often lose money, access to their accounts, and can even have their identity stolen. Join our team of experts as we discuss the most common types of social media phishing financial scams, how to handle them, and some of the more interesting techniques in play.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • How social media is abused for phishing attacks
  • Why threat actors are increasingly targeting social media
  • The most prevalent financial scams
  • How to handle similar threats

This webinar took place on February 6 at 3 PM ET. 

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Inside the World of Social Media Phishing