Domains and the Open Web: Defending Against Ever-Evolving Threats Webinar

Big or small, enterprise or startup, in today’s world nearly every business across the globe has some form of digital presence. In most cases this is a website, in others, this may include social media or apps. This is due in part to the ease in establishing these properties, which makes it more accessible than ever before. However, as easy as it is to establish a brand online, so too is it for a threat actor to impersonate or abuse them. In most cases, these threats come in the form of malicious domains or open web threats.

As a cyber intelligence firm, we collect millions of data points each day, many of which come from the open web and domains. Watch this on-demand presentation to gain insight from this intelligence and learn the latest techniques, methodologies, and solutions used and abused by threat actors.

In this webinar we will:

  • Share the latest open web and domain-related cyber threats
  • Common and unique techniques in play
  • Best practices for cutting through data and generating intelligence

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