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Email Intelligence & Response is a comprehensive solution that protects against threats that make it past your email security stack and into your employee inboxes. With Email Intelligence & Response, enterprises can detect, prevent, and respond to these threats that would otherwise go unmitigated.

Detect Advanced Email Threats That Bypass Filters
For years, enterprises have been training their users to report suspicious emails to gain visibility into BEC, account takeover, and other advanced threats modern email security stacks fail to block. Email Intelligence & Response delivers the scalable technology, processes, and expertise to determine what is malicious and provide real-time visibility into the actual threats users are reporting.
Prevent Threats Earlier in the Attack Process
When equipped with indicators specific to threats that have been observed bypassing email security stacks elsewhere, enterprises can keep these threats from reaching users. Email Intelligence & Response delivers this high value threat intelligence, supplying indicators from threats detected in user inboxes across our client base.
Automate Threat Response and Mitigation
When a threat is delivered via email, fast response and mitigation is critical. Email Intelligence & Response provides SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) capabilities, which automate the response process to mitigate email-based threats at enterprise scale.

Email Intelligence & Response capabilities

Essential capabilities for detecting, preventing, and responding to advanced email threats.

Suspicious Email Analysis
For years, enterprises have been training their users to report suspicious emails. However, the volume of reports can be overwhelming, especially when you consider most suspicious emails are not truly malicious. Suspicious Email Analysis delivers the technology, processes, and expertise to identify the real threats and extract indicators to support attack mitigation.
MSOAR for Office 365
Fast response and mitigation is essential to preventing impact. However, responding to malicious emails can require several manual steps spanning multiple internal systems. Email security orchestration, automation, and response (MSOAR) automates the response process, mitigating threats quickly at enterprise scale.
Email Threat Indicators
Email Threat Indicators provides expert-verified threat indicators from malicious emails observed in employee inboxes across our client base. These indicators identify threats that have bypassed enterprise email security technology stacks. With Email Threat Intelligence, enterprises can prevent threats that would normally go unblocked.
Simulations and Training
With the right training, users can be incredibly valuable sources of intelligence on advanced business email threats. As part of a comprehensive Email Intelligence & Response program, we can provide attack simulations and engaging training. This drives users to report suspicious messages, delivering vital intelligence on active threats that have reached user inboxes.

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