Digital Risk Protection for Mobile

With the shift from desktop to mobile computing, threat actors are now targeting organizations and exploiting their brands via mobile apps. In particular, rogue apps have become more and more prominent threats to enterprises, their customers, and their users. Rogue apps can lead to brand damage, fraud losses, and security incidents.

Prevent Fake Mobile Apps

Most people today rely on mobile devices to make financial transactions, visit social media, and shop for goods on a regular basis. Threat actors capitalize on this increasing habit by creating rogue mobile apps that impersonate your legitimate apps and use them to commit fraud.

PhishLabs protects your brand’s value by finding and removing unauthorized clones and out-of-date versions of your mobile app. Our platform and analysts actively monitor hundreds of official and unofficial app stores to detect references to your brand, validate the findings, then quickly and persistently mitigate brand abuse on your behalf.

Once we find malicious mobile apps, we relentlessly pursue the takedown of all related infrastructure to completely disrupt the threat.

PhishLabs’ Digital Risk Protection solution for Mobile apps defends your brand’s hard-earned reputation against app clones, reputation damage, and customer fraud. To learn more about how we can protect your enterprise from rogue mobile apps, speak with a member of our team.

Key Features

Comprehensive Store Coverage
The PhishLabs Digital Risk Protection platform monitors hundreds of official and unofficial app stores and repositories. Current, updated, and newly-added apps are automatically analyzed to find names, branding, logos, likeness, or any implied relation to your legitimate brands.
Expert Validation and Analysis
When a potential rogue app is detected, our experts review and assess the nature of the app. What is it trying to do? Is it a clone of your app? If so, what's the purpose? We answer those questions, and perform dynamic analysis to identify malicious behaviors such as stealing user data or altering transactions.
Relentless Threat Takedown
Our experts ensure that rogue apps and malware are taken offline quickly and completely. In addition to removing malicious apps from stores, we action all other threat components such as malicious links, C2 servers, etc. This further reduces risk and makes it more difficult to stand up a new attack.

Part of Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection

Detect Enterprise, Brand, VIP, and Customer Risks
As the enterprise digital footprint expands beyond your network, brands, employees, and customers are exposed to risks that are outside of your control. We find and analyze these digital risks across social media, domains, mobile, deep, dark, and surface web vectors.
Prioritize and Focus on Actual Risks
The digital landscape is noisy. And the last thing you need is another tool drowning you in alerts. That's why our analysts vet and analyze potential risks. We weed out the noise, bring the actual risks to your attention, and take immediate action to protect your enterprise.
Takedown Threats with 100% Confidence
When threats are found, they are taken down quickly and completely. With 15+ years experience taking down online threats, we've built an unparalleled network of trusted relationships that includes automated killswitches and fastlanes.
Make Better-Informed Decisions to Manage Risk
With the intelligence delivered by our experts, you can navigate the digital risk landscape. We see all the trees while not losing sight of the forest. And we give you the big picture insights so that you can make better-informed decisions.

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