Domain Monitoring

Detect threats & takedown malicious domains

Protect Your Organization with Domain Monitoring

Threat actors use malicious domains to carry out a wide range of online attacks. The registration process is easy, cheap, and effective, so almost anyone can set up a fraudulent website to steal login credentials, divert web traffic, or sell counterfeit products.

Scammers also impersonate trusted brands by using spoofed domains to send phishing emails, conduct business email compromise (BEC) scams, and create ransomware attack lures. Protect against a wide range of domain threats with best-in-class domain monitoring.

Get Comprehensive Visibility into Domain Threats

Cyber criminals register hundreds of thousands of look-alike domains every year. By detecting those that target your brand, you can protect against a variety of online threats. However, detecting abuse requires visibility into new and existing domain registrations and the ability to mine those registrations for brand-related keywords and variations.

Our domain monitoring solution continuously monitors SSL certificate logs, passive DNS data, and DNS zone files to source every active domain across more than 2,000 TLDs, including gTLDs and ccTLDs.

We also use several active DNS sourcing methods to proactively collect massive amounts of domain data. This approach provides broad visibility across the vast domain threat landscape, enables the identification of a wide variety of domain threats, and increases the speed of detection versus other methods.

Domain Monitoring that Reduces Noise and Focuses on Real Threats

Intelligence tools built to monitor new and existing domains for brand matches and variations can generate large volumes of false positives. Sorting through endless domain names can get in the way of detecting threats, yet security teams must sift through this noise to single out malicious domains that pose material risk to their organizations.

Eliminate the headache of searching for look-alike domains. Our domain monitoring solution combines advanced automated analysis and expert vetting of domain variations. This removes false positives from the haystack, allowing your team to focus on verified threats targeting your organization.

See it in Action

How to Manage Domain Threats

This playbook breaks down the domain threat landscape, how domains are abused, how to detect abuse, and what is required to mitigate domain threats. By following this playbook, security professionals can minimize the risk spoofed domains pose to their organizations.

Streamlined Domain Takedown Services

The only method of fully mitigating the risk posed by a malicious domain is to take it offline. Our service works directly with the domain registrar to facilitate domain takedown.

The domain takedown process can prove to be highly complex and time-consuming depending on the type of threat and the registrar involved. Entities requesting domain takedown must provide detailed evidence of abuse, and ultimately it is up to the registrar to determine if the offending domain should be removed.

PhishLabs’ domain monitoring service gathers the evidence needed to get malicious domains taken offline quickly. We know what types of abuse qualify for takedown and what evidence each registrar requires.

Having cultivated an extensive network of trusted registrar partners, our customers benefit with access to automated killswitches, preferred escalation procedures, the highest success rate, and the fastest speed of malicious takedown in the industry.

Reduce Burden and Workload with Domain Monitoring

Typically, the burden is placed on security teams to find and mitigate domain threats. They must frequently tune collection parameters, churn through high volumes of potential threats, and pursue mitigation of those they’re able to identify.

With PhishLabs’ domain monitoring service, we own the entire threat detection and mitigation process as an extension of your security team. We do all of this without adding to your operational workload – that’s why the most targeted organizations in the world trust PhishLabs to protect their brands from digital risks.

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