Social Media Protection

Find and remove fake social media accounts

Enormous Amounts of Personal Data are Publicly Accessible

Nearly every organization on our planet has some form of a digital presence.

Due to the vast amounts of publicly available information across social networks, blogs, forums, and paste sites, criminals are targeting organizations and their executives more than ever before by impersonating them on social media.

Combat Convincing Impersonation Profiles

Social platforms are the medium of choice for attackers due to the anonymity they allow and the quantity of potential targets.

Executives and VIPs are prime candidates for impersonation, and spoofed accounts use real photos and personal information to lend credibility.

Personalized scams are the norm, and unsuspecting insiders are routinely persuaded to reveal their company’s proprietary data or system login credentials with the promise of employment or financial rewards.

Expedite the Takedown of Financial Fraud

The open nature of social networks allows threat actors to use your brand name and logos to appear trustworthy, create fake profiles and posts, and carry out financial scams.

Attackers persuade victims to give away personal financial data, engage in cash flipping schemes, apply for fake loans, and deposit fraudulent checks.

Relentlessly Pursue Social Media Scams

Digital Risk Protection for social media monitors posts, profiles, and content for cyber threats, brand abuse, data leakage, and physical threats. This includes impersonation of brands and profiles, physical threat monitoring for locations and personnel, and exposure of protected data.

Our proprietary methods for social media threat monitoring on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube provide complete mitigation of blended threats. Every component of social posts or profiles that points to malicious infrastructure is pursued, including domains, phone numbers, mobile apps, and more.

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