Data Leak Detection

Detect data leaks as they happen

Every Business is Vulnerable to Leaks of Sensitive Data

Regardless of size or industry, all businesses fight a constant battle to keep valuable information safe.

Major leaks of sensitive, confidential, or regulated data are almost a daily occurrence and affect even the most technologically advanced companies in the world. Organizations often aren’t even aware that their own data has been stolen, which can have wide-ranging and devastating consequences.

Discover Data Leak Sources to Preserve Company Reputation

Although many breaches are the result of technology vulnerabilities or unauthorized access, whether intentional or not, employees inside an organization are the leading cause of data leaks.

Attackers often contact staff members with access to sensitive assets using highly persuasive tactics. They send carefully designed emails that use social engineering to convince your employees to disclose protected data, potentially causing significant financial or reputation damage.

Increase Visibility Across Digital Channels for Fast Response

Confidential information commands a premium on today’s open market and threat actors can choose to expose it in several different places online.

Leaking small amounts of data on different platforms can compel businesses to send payment in ransomware attacks or negotiate the return of stolen VIP information.

Visibility into the online sources where your data surfaces enables you to act quickly in times of crisis.

Reduce Impact with Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Digital Risk Protection ensures proactive detection of data leaks by providing verified intelligence across a broad spectrum of social media platforms, paste sites, code repositories, surface web sources, and dark web channels.

PhishLabs’ collection methods quickly find leaks of sensitive information such as credit card details, personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), trade secrets, and intellectual property.

Our analysts immediately inform you of leaks, leading to faster mitigation and minimized impact.

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