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Turn Employees Into a Powerful Layer of Defense

Spear phishing is the most prevalent and successful tactic used in advanced targeted attacks. In fact, ninety-one percent of targeted attacks use spear phishing. With T2 Employee Defense Training, a fully managed phishing awareness training service that uses real-world phishing intelligence, you can transform employees into powerful security assets.

Transform Employees Into Security MVPs

Simulate Real-World Phishing Attacks

The best way to prepare employees for real-world attacks is to train them with real-world simulations. PhishLabs fights back against thousands of phishing attacks each month. Powered by our deep intelligence into global phishing activity, T2 Employee Defense Training allows you to simulate the phishing attacks most likely to be used against your employees.

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Condition Employees to Recognize Attacks

Failure is the best opportunity to change human behavior. It is the moment in which individuals are most willing to act differently. With T2 Employee Defense Training, you can create a powerful opportunity to change behavior in safe, simulated conditions. When an employee fails a phishing simulation, they immediately receive high-impact training that conditions them to spot and report real-world phishing attacks.

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Know Your Exposure to Phishing Attacks

On average, one out of every five users will fall for a targeted phishing attack. With T2 Employee Defense Training, you can see how employees respond to real-world phishing lures and track the susceptibility of individuals and groups within your organization.

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Empower Employees to Report Threats

The easier it is to report attacks, the better visibility you have into threats targeting your employees. With T2 Employee Defense Training, your employees can quickly report suspicious emails with an easy-to-use email plugin. Once reported, employees receive immediate positive feedback that reinforces the right behavior.

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Let’s fight back against phishing and prevent the exploitation of people – together.

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