Get Visibility Into Domain Threats

Protect your organization from website spoofing, phishing, and email scams. PhishLabs identifies, monitors, and takes malicious domains offline quickly and completely.

Award-Winning, Client-Verified.

PhishLabs continues to be an outstanding partner in finding and remediating phishing content that targets our interests.

— Vice President, Security


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What Best-in-Class Domain Monitoring Looks Like

Extensive domain intelligence visibility
Reduced noise to focus on real threats
Continuous new activity monitoring
Rapid malicious domain takedown

Take Down Domain Threats

Cybercriminals use spoofed domains to send phishing emails, create fake websites, steal login credentials, and sell counterfeit consumer goods.

PhishLabs continuously analyzes vast amounts of domain intelligence from a wide range of sources to quickly identify and remove brand impersonation threats.

Our customers benefit from automated killswitches and preferred escalation procedures, delivering the highest success rate and fastest takedown times.

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