Digital Risk Protection for Executives

Executives and other VIPs are frequently attacked, threatened, and impersonated on social media. If left unmitigated, these threats can lead to financial losses, physical harm, and significant brand damage.

Managing Executive Threats

PhishLabs partners with enterprises to protect their executives from digital threats such as reputational damage, intimidation, or impersonation.

Threat actors regularly track and monitor the online activity of executives looking for opportunities that can be exploited. And, the more prominent the individual, the more likely that their social media accounts will be targeted.

If these threats go unchecked, they can lead to data breaches, loss of proprietary information, damage to your assets and reputation, or even physical incidents. PhishLabs uses a combination of advanced technology and human expertise to detect, verify, and mitigate identified threats that target executives, their immediate family, and their associated organization’s users.

Executive Threats

Executives are often impersonated on social media with fake accounts designed to resemble the real ones. PhishLabs monitors posts, profiles, and other content across social media for accounts attempting to impersonate key executives. Once confirmed, our team has an abusive account suspended and removed.
Idealistically motivated groups launch attacks intended to damage, take advantage of, and embarrass their targets, especially executives.
Social media has made it easy to express displeasure with those you dislike or disagree with. Those seeking to inflict harm use misinformation to inflame outrage and launch abusive campaigns against those they want to harass and intimidate. Executives and their families are often targeted in these campaigns.
Threat actors will often research and broadcast information about individuals and organizations that is harmful. For example, publishing the home address of an executive involved in a controversial public issue. This can create high-risk situations that may lead to physical harm and fraud.
We monitor for accidental disclosures of confidential information. Whether it’s source code, private company information, or sensitive personal details, these disclosures are substantial risk.

Service Features

24.7 Coverage
Digital Risk Protect offers support, through a combination of technology and analysts, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This also includes holidays.
Vetted Results
Monitoring technology produces thousands of alerts each day. Our platform detects, scores, and reviews all potential threats prior to expert analysis. Then, experts review potential executive threats and identify the real threats, discerning those that are malicious or pose a legitimate risk. This eliminates false positives.
Executive-Level Reporting
We deliver daily and monthly reports, each designed for an executive audience. Reporting also includes one-off reporting on pertinent or perishable results that need immediate actioning, such as physical threats.
Executive and Immediate Family Coverage
Executive-level digital threats impact more than just executives and their related users, at times this can also involve their immediate family. As a result, our analysts monitor for potential threats targeting immediate family members, too.
Comprehensive Monitoring
Our intelligence is collected from a continuously growing range of sources across the social media landscape, which includes more than 6000 sources.
Threat Mitigation
Once a threat is confirmed, our experts will quickly mitigate them. We have established industry relationships that result in rapid takedowns through a combination of kill switches, fast lanes, and embedded experts. In addition to taking down malicious profiles or posts, we action all other threat components such as malicious links, other accounts, etc.

Part of Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection

Detect Enterprise, Brand, VIP, and Customer Threats
As the enterprise digital footprint expands beyond your network, brands, employees, and customers are exposed to risks that are outside of your control. We find and analyze these digital risks across social media, domains, mobile, deep, dark, and open web vectors.
Prioritize and Focus on Actual Threats
The digital landscape is noisy. And the last thing you need is another tool drowning you in alerts. That's why our analysts vet and analyze potential risks. We weed out the noise, bring the actual risks to your attention, and take immediate action to protect your enterprise.
Takedown Threats with 100% Confidence
When threats are found, they are taken down quickly and completely. With 15+ years experience taking down online threats, we've built an unparalleled network of trusted relationships that includes automated kill switches and fastlanes.
Make Better-Informed Decisions to Manage Threats
With the intelligence delivered by our experts, you can navigate the digital risk landscape. We see all the trees while not losing sight of the forest. And we give you the big picture insights so that you can make better-informed decisions.

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