Digital Risk Protection for Credential Theft Sites

Every year, cybercriminals stand up hundreds of thousands of phishing sites to harvest valuable online account credentials. By impersonating trusted brands, these sites trick users into divulging usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data. With this data, cybercriminals can easily take over accounts and carry out fraud.

If left unaddressed, phishing attacks result in substantial losses due to fraud and brand damage.

Take Control of Credential Theft Attacks Targeting Customer Accounts

With PhishLabs, you can proactively find and stop phishing attacks that target your account holders. Our platform processes more than 350 million URLs every day to find phishing sites. Once identified, our experts investigate all aspects of the attack including redirects, phishing kits, credential drops, etc. This process yields high value threat intelligence that we pivot from to find related infrastructure. By using these techniques, we are able to proactively disrupt phishing campaigns by uncovering phishing sites that have been staged but are not yet active.

In addition to detection and intelligence, PhishLabs is exceptional at taking phishing sites offline. With more than 15 years of experience, automated killswitches, and a relentless approach, we have mitigated 100% of phishing sites targeting our clients.

Key Features

Data Collection
Our Digital Risk Protection platform consumes more than 350 million potential phishing URLs daily from a broad range of data sources including partner feeds, client feeds, SSL cert registrations, new domain registrations, DNS records, and internally-developed tools.
High-Fidelity Threat Detection
Our platform combines technology and expertise to accurately detect threats at scale. Automated scoring and pattern-matching identifies known threats. Possible threats we haven't seen before are reviewed by analysts 24/7. This feeds back into our technology to continuously improve automated detection.
Relentless Phishing Takedown
Over the past 15+ years, we've developed an extensive network of trusted relationships with hosters, registrars, and authorities worldwide. With many of these, we've developed killswitches to take down malicious content immediately. We've also implemented APIs and fast-lane procedures that expedite takedowns. And we don't give up. Our takedown success rate is 100%.
Proactive Intelligence
Playing "whack-a-mole" with phishing sites isn't enough. Our experts analyze phishing kits, credential drops, DNS records, and other information to gain a clearer picture of phishing campaigns and the cybercriminals behind them. Through this intelligence, we are able to proactively disrupt phishing campaigns.

Part of Comprehensive Digital Risk Protection

Detect Enterprise, Brand, VIP, and Customer Risks
As the enterprise digital footprint expands beyond your network, brands, employees, and customers are exposed to risks that are outside of your control. We find and analyze these digital risks across social media, domains, mobile, deep, dark, and open web vectors.
Prioritize and Focus on Actual Risks
The digital landscape is noisy. And the last thing you need is another tool drowning you in alerts. That's why our analysts vet and analyze potential risks. We weed out the noise, bring the actual risks to your attention, and take immediate action to protect your enterprise.
Takedown Threats with 100% Confidence
When threats are found, they are taken down quickly and completely. With 15+ years experience taking down online threats, we've built an unparalleled network of trusted relationships that includes automated killswitches and fastlanes.
Make Better-Informed Decisions to Manage Risk
With the intelligence delivered by our experts, you can navigate the digital risk landscape. We see all the trees while not losing sight of the forest. And we give you the big picture insights so that you can make better-informed decisions.

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