Data Leak Protection

Monitor and detect sensitive data leaks

Businesses are Vulnerable to Data Leaks

Threat actors target businesses and vulnerable employees for opportunities to steal data. Sensitive documents, login credentials, credit card data, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and source code are high-value assets that when stolen can lead to costly extortion and reputational harm.

With PhishLabs, enterprises maintain 24×7 visibility across a vast stretch of digital channels to proactively detect data leaks, maintain on-going monitoring of data claimed by threat actors, and quickly takedown leaks posted to open web and social media.

Monitor Broadly Across Digital Channels

Today, security teams struggle to manage the complexities of protecting large amounts of their own data as well as maintain adequate visibility into sprawling digital channels and underground networks where threat actors conduct business.

PhishLabs gathers relevant data through a combination of automated and expert collection methods to zero in on activity across the open web, dark web, and social media. This visibility includes monitoring widely-used code repositories, paste sites, and dark web marketplaces, providing immediate alerts when relevant data and transactions are identified.

Continuous data collection from the surface web, deep web, dark web and social media networks
Code Repositories
Data monitoring of widely used code-sharing platforms, paste sites, and underground marketplaces
Unparalleled breadth of automated data collection combined with expert mining methods
Targeted collection according to client's business needs

Reduce Noise - Focus on Verified Leaks

High volumes of web activity generate significant noise including false positives and benign chatter. These distractions slow progress as security teams are forced to sift through mounds of data to identify real threats.

Reduce noise to ensure relevancy and focus on confirmed threats with verified intelligence from human-vetted results. PhishLabs’ experts vet and curate findings based on client-specific context, categorizing the data as informational or actionable, enabling security teams to immediately minimize the impact of real threats. These classifications are based on the severity of the circumstances, including where the data is being held, its status, and related transactions and chatter.

Streamline Mitigation of Data Leaks

Data leaks can be devastating from a financial and reputational perspective but also a challenge to rectify. Once data is stolen, enterprises often lack clear visibility into when the data was leaked, where it is currently located, and how it’s being marketed. Many businesses aren’t even sure where to look.

PhishLabs minimizes damage caused by data leaks by automatically taking down actionable threats posted on the open web and social media, with no client review required. And in instances where stolen data has been identified and claimed by threat actors on underground forums and marketplaces, PhishLabs provides continuous, on-going monitoring for potential leaks, so enterprises can proactively maintain a plan of action.

Automated Takedowns
Quickly and automatically mitigate leaks identified on the Open Web and Social Media
Dark Web Monitoring
Continuous proactive monitoring of potential leaks and activity
Client Web App
Executive Dashboard, Incident Management, Intuitive Workflows, Reporting and Analytics
Reporting APIs
Threat Intelligence Indicators, Incident Data Reporting, Incident Creation

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