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By Jason Haddad | May 13, 2021

In 2020, ransomware attacks in the U.S. increased 139% year-over-year. Attacks are more strategic, demands are higher, and new tactics have emerged that leave victims experiencing the pressure to pay. Organizations that are affected by ransomware believe they are left with one of two choices: Refuse to meet ransom demands and risk the loss of data or, pay the ransom and hazard it released anyway.  
Determining what actions your organization should take in the wake of an attack is more than a binary decision, and must be approached in a comprehensive manner. Improving your organization’s security posture by adding layers of protection will minimize the risk of a ransomware attack and provide an active defense other than simply paying the ransom.  
In Ransomware Playbook: Defense in Depth Strategies to Minimize Impact we discuss best practices that will minimize the impact of an attack including:
  1. Identifying and mitigating attacks before they occur
  2. Maintaining broad visibility into data leaks and threat actor activity
  3. Preparing a plan of action in the event data is further compromised
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