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In Q2, Response-Based attacks targeting corporate inboxes climbed to their highest volume since 2020, according to the latest Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report from Agari and PhishLabs. Response-Based threats such as Advanced-Fee Fraud, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and hybrid Vishing attacks all demonstrated increased volume in Q2, with Vishing specifically growing 625% over the course of a year.

The August report uses hundreds of thousands of phishing and social media threats analyzed and mitigated by Agari and PhishLabs, both of which are part of the Fortra cybersecurity portfolio. By identifying and mitigating attacks targeting enterprises, their employees, and brands, we are able to provide insight into key trends within the threat landscape.

Key findings of the Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report include:

  • Social Media attacks increased 20.3% from Q1, averaging nearly 95 malicious incidents per enterprise, per month.
  • Emotet represented half of all payloads and officially regained its status as the top malware variety after demonstrating 30.7% growth over Q1.
  • Credential Theft attacks targeting Office 365 accounts reached a six-quarter high in share and volume during Q2.
  • Phishing reports are up, with attacks increasing nearly 6% in Q2.

Download the Quarterly Threat Trends & Intelligence Report here:

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