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By Jessica Ellis | September 2, 2020

Social media is rapidly growing as a preferred channel for threat actors targeting enterprises with malicious campaigns. Half of the global population uses social media, and a post containing sensitive data or impersonating a high-level executive can be shared instantly, for 3.8 billion people to see. 
There are many types of social media threats that bad actors use to harm their victims, and they are both easy to create as well as convincing. In order to proactively protect against these threats, security teams must be knowledgeable of the risks and platforms that apply to their organization and how to curate intelligence effectively. 
This playbook discusses best practices security teams need to follow in order to navigate the social media threat landscape. 
  • Social media threat types
  • Most impacted industries
  • How to turn social media into intelligence
  • Takedown solutions and criteria
Access the playbook here.