What's Making It Past Secure Email Gateways?

John Wilson – Senior Fellow, Threat Research Fortra

How frequently are advanced threats actually bypassing your email security controls?

One of the greatest challenges to protecting end users from high impact email attacks is detecting identity deception. Fortra has conducted an analysis of real end user phishing reports to determine which advanced threat types evade common secure email gateways and the frequency which they occur to better understand how enterprises can stop these attacks.

John Wilson, Senior Fellow, Threat Research, walks us through the results of the analysis and what security teams can do to prevent attacks left unchecked by their SEG.

You will learn:

  • The volume of malicious messages making it into inboxes on a per user basis
  • Which threat types were least likely to be blocked by security tools
  • The performance of the most common SEG vendors
  • What businesses can do to address the gaps in their email security

Apr 25 2023

seg webinar