Ransomware 2021: Should you Pay Up?

Jim Aldridge, VP – MOXFIVE; Jason Rebholz, Principal – MOXFIVE; Eric George, Manager – Solutions Engineering at PhishLabs

Malware attacks continue to grab headlines and are on a continuous, steady climb with ransomware losses expected to reach $20 Billion in 2021. But many businesses are turning the tide on threat actors and finding success by fighting back and saying no to ransom demands.

Join us for an informative webinar as MOXFIVE VP of Technical Advisory Services, Jim Aldridge, Principal, Jason Rebholz, and PhishLabs Manager of Solution Engineering, Eric George, discuss the state of ransomware in 2021. Despite the looming threats of malware attacks and data leaks, learn how businesses are saving millions and confidently saying no to ransom demands with proactive Digital Risk Protection and Incident Response strategies that protect their business and valued data.

Attend the webinar to:

  • Learn steps to take to minimize the likelihood of being forced to pay a ransom to access your data
  • Hear how Double Extortion and other new ransomware tactics are impacting businesses
  • Learn how PhishLabs and MOXFIVE are helping organizations say no to multi-million dollar ransom demands by protecting them from data leakage threats.