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Stop Phishing Attacks 24/7 with Managed Enterprise Phishing Protection

There is no cyber attack more prevalent and consistently effective than phishing. PhishLabs provides the industry’s first and only complete managed security service that protects against phishing 24/7. Our team of anti-phishing experts serve as an extension of your security team to block attacks in near real-time, deliver intelligence-driven awareness training, monitor user- reported emails, and analyze threats.

PhishLabs Managed Enterprise Phishing Protection

Comprehensive Approach to Fighting Phishing 

Managed Enterprise Phishing Protection is a unique combination of managed security services that prevent, detect, analyze, and mitigate phishing attacks. We proactively enhance your defenses with real-time IOCs, condition your users to report phishing attacks, monitor for threats 24/7, and perform in-depth forensic analysis. Our experts bridge the gap between your human sensor network and your security technologies, enabling detection and mitigation of attacks within minutes of phishing emails reaching user inboxes.

Read the Managed Enterprise Phishing Protection Service Brief.

Managed by Phishing Experts

By partnering with PhishLabs, you gain the outcomes of a fully-mature and comprehensive enterprise phishing protection program supported by proven experts, process, and technology. From training to assessing and blocking threats, every aspect of Managed Enterprise Phishing Protection is managed and supported by a PhishLabs expert.

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Managed Enterprise Phishing Protection includes:

Managed Phishing Awareness Training

Managed Phishing Awareness Training ensures organizations make the most of their awareness training investments. Using your existing phishing simulation platform or our own, PhishLabs experts take your users through an ongoing training program that quickly develops the skills and behaviors that protect against real-world phishing threats.

Learn more about Managed Phishing Awareness Training.

Phishing Threat Monitoring & Forensics

Phishing Threat Monitoring & Forensics provides 24/7/365 expert monitoring and analysis of user-reported emails. When a threat is identified by the PhishLabs Security Operations Center, our anti-phishing experts analyze the attack, alert your team, and automatically deliver IOCs to block threats.

Learn more about Phishing Threat Monitoring & Forensics.

Phishing Threat Indicator

PhishLabs collects millions of user-reported phishing attacks, many of which go undetected by other security technologies. These attacks are analyzed 24/7/365, generating unique IOCs for new phishing threats. These IOCs are added to the Phishing Threat Indicator Feed in real-time to ensure timely deployment of preventative measures.

Learn more about PhishLabs Threat Indicator Feed.

PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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