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Digital Risk Protection For Your Enterprise, Brands, Executives, and Customers

Digital Risk Protection is a comprehensive service that provides proactive detection and rapid mitigation of digital risks. We continuously monitor for digital risks across email, domain, social media, mobile, dark, deep, and open web vectors. Risks are analyzed by our three 24/7 security operations centers and then taken down. With more than 15 years of experience taking down digital risks, we have the trusted relationships and fast lanes needed to quickly deliver effective mitigation.

Expanding digital footprint

Expanding Risk Detection For Growing Digital Footprints

Digital Risk Protection provides comprehensive detection capabilities into the digital risks that exist outside the network perimeter. Driven by business needs, the enterprise digital footprint is ever expanding. Key executives are using social media. Customers are engaging via mobile devices and applications. Different departments are relying on a multitude of cloud services and platforms daily. Every expansion broadens the digital footprint, exposing the enterprise to additional risks. PhishLabs’ will detect and curate the risks that impact your brand across email, domain names, social media, mobile apps, and the dark, deep, and open web.

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Rapid Digital Risk Mitigation

PhishLabs’ Digital Risk Protection focuses on eliminating malicious threats to your enterprise, brands, and customers. When malicious content is reported or identified, our team of experts will take the necessary steps to get the threat offline. Because threats are housed and delivered in numerous ways, we use a multi-pronged approach to bring each threat down.

PhishLabs Takedown mitigation and curation of digital risks
meaningful context and intel for digital risks

Meaningful Context and Intelligence

With a vast and expanding digital footprint, there is simply too much information available to sort through. PhishLabs’ team of experts review and analyze digital risks on your behalf, allowing your team to prioritize and focus on risks that matter the most. The PhishLabs Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division (R.A.I.D.) monitors global email, domain, social media, mobile, dark, deep, open web activity, and gather data from our extensive network of partners.

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Our Unique Approach to Digital Risk Protection

As your trusted partner, PhishLabs offers more than a set of tools. In addition to proprietary technology, we have expert analysts and the resources needed to properly detect, assess, and mitigate digital risks in a timely manner. Our managed services include the alignment of our team alongside yours, ensuring that your security goals and objectives are met just as any of your team members would.

Our unique approach to digital risk protection

PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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