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As the world transitions to become more and more digital, enterprises are increasingly targeted by web, social media, and advanced email attacks. PhishLabs partners with organizations to address evolving threats across various digital channels, delivering expert curated intelligence and effective threat mitigation inside and outside of your network.

Explore the use cases below to learn more about the challenges most businesses face and how we empower organizations to overcome them.

Domain Monitoring

Threat actors frequently use look-alike domains to create fraudulent websites and conduct email scams. Because these domains resemble those of reputable businesses, customers trust their legitimacy and give away online account credentials, credit card numbers, and wire transfer details.

Digital Risk Protection from PhishLabs provides comprehensive visibility into the domain threats that attempt to undermine your brand’s credibility. We analyze new registrations, URLs, hosted content, and ongoing activity every day to identify unauthorized associations. We then relentlessly pursue mitigation of malicious domains to safeguard your brand’s reputation.


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Executive Protection

Key executives are often targeted by cyber criminals, activists, unhappy customers, and disgruntled employees. They are high visibility and high value, attracting a range of threats including data leakage, impersonation attacks, and physical harm.

Digital Risk Protection provides situational awareness and protection for your executive personnel. It monitors a wide range of web and social media sources including posts, profiles, blogs, and other online content for threats to executives. After automated analysis, PhishLabs’ team of experts curate the findings to produce human-validated, actionable intelligence. We then pursue the mitigation of threats related to your executives quickly and completely.


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Brand Protection

Threat actors frequently exploit trust in legitimate brands. They register look-a-like domains, develop rogue mobile apps, and create fraudulent websites impersonating trusted brands to misrepresent themselves or assert association, harming the brand’s value.

Digital Risk Protection from PhishLabs defends your brand’s hard-earned reputation against web traffic diversion, revenue loss, and online misrepresentation. We collect web, domain, and social media content from a wide array of sources, filter out the noise to investigate suspicious mentions, then quickly and persistently mitigate brand abuse on your behalf.


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Social Media Protection

Almost every business and individual in the world has a social media presence. These platforms are the medium of choice for attackers due to the anonymity they allow and the quantity of potential targets. Scams often lead the disclosure of several types of sensitive information, including proprietary company data, personal information, and banking credentials – leading to brand or personal reputation damage. 

Digital Risk Protection enables the detection of social media threat activity by monitoring over 7000 web and social media sources and collecting of vast amounts of data for analysis. Our advanced filtering technology delivers a narrow set of results for our analysts to individually investigate, and after validating the intelligence, we initiate the mitigation process to expeditiously remove offending content.


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Data Leak Detection

All businesses face a constant battle to keep valuable information safe. Major leaks of sensitive, confidential, or regulated data are almost a daily occurrence in the news cycle, even among the most technically advanced companies in the world. Frequently organizations aren’t aware of their own data breaches, which have far-reaching and devastating financial consequences.

Digital Risk Protection ensures the detection of data leaks by providing verified intelligence across a broad spectrum of surface web, social media, and dark web sources. PhishLabs’ automated aggregation methods proactively detect leaks of your sensitive information such as credit card or bank details, personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), trade secrets, or intellectual property.

Our analysts meticulously review references to your data to immediately identify and inform you of leaks, leading to less false positives, faster mitigation, and minimized impact of data loss to preserve your customers’ trust and protect your company’s reputation.

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Account Takeover Protection

Threat actors execute credential theft phishing schemes by replicating a reputable company’s website and persuading account owners to enter usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data. Attackers also use crimeware, vishing, and SMiShing campaigns to steal valuable account details from their targets. Armed with this information, scammers take control of online accounts with little effort and engage in fraudulent activity.

Digital Risk Protection proactively detects and mitigates account takeover attacks. PhishLabs’ mature solution processes millions of URLs every day, and our experts analyze confirmed threats to discover associated infrastructure, effectively disrupting campaigns and exposing phishing sites before they launch or cause harm. Because of our unparalleled account takeover experience and hard-earned automated killswitchesthe world’s most recognizable brands trust PhishLabs to relentlessly mitigate the attacks that target their customer accounts. 


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Advanced Email Protection

Email-based threats are continuously evolving and consistently evade even the most sophisticated email security technology. In addition to ransomware, one of the most advanced email attacks is Business Email Compromise (BEC). BEC uses social engineering to deceive employees and is considered the costliest and most effective form of phishing.

PhishLabs’ email threat intelligence enables detection, prevention, and automated response for the advanced threats that bypass internal security controls. We equip your enterprise with data indicators from observed malicious emails, and our SOAR capabilities leverage these indicators to automatically find and remove the corresponding emails from user inboxes.

We can also monitor and analyze potential threats reported by your users, providing real-time visibility into the suspicious emails that evade detection, and detect look-alike domains outside of your network to proactively block the URLs that attempt to deceive your employees.


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What We Do

Digital Risk Protection

Digital Risk Protection addresses evolving threats across various digital channels, delivering expert curated intelligence and unmatched threat mitigation in one complete solution.

  • Social Media
  • Domain
  • Surface Web
  • Dark Web
  • Mobile Stores
  • Crimeware
  • Credential Theft Phishing

Email Intelligence & Response

Email Intelligence & Response is a comprehensive solution that provides intelligence, mitigation, simulations and training for threats that bypass email security controls and reach user inboxes.

  • Suspicious Email Analysis
  • Email Threat Indicators
  • MSOAR for Office 365
  • Simulations and Training

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