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Phishing Protection

Detect, prevent and fight back against phishing threats 24/7.

Phishing is a predominant attack method used by cybercriminals to steal account data and carry out online fraud. Supported by a thriving underground ecosystem, cybercriminals can easily stage, launch and profit from phishing attacks targeting businesses and their customers.

Traditional approaches to defending against phishing attacks focus on shutting down the web page. This stops the immediate attack, but does little to stop the cybercriminal. With vulnerable websites and hosting providers readily available, it is easy for a cybercriminal to stage a new phishing page and continue launching attack after attack.

With Phishing Protection, you can

Quickly mitigate phishing attacks.

Prevent credential theft and online fraud.

Deter future phishing attacks.

PhishLabs takes a different approach when it comes to phishing protection. We fight back against the cybercriminals that target our clients and their customers. We detect, analyze and proactively dismantle the systems and illicit services cybercriminals depend upon to carry out phishing attacks. Our approach disrupts the cybercrime ecosystem, impeding profits and requiring cybercriminals to rebuild before launching new phishing attacks.

When a phishing attack is detected, we quickly shut down the phishing site – but we do not stop there. We dive far beneath the surface to shut down the cybercrime ecosystem used to plan, stage, launch and monetize phishing attacks.

Complimentary Download: Phishing Protection Service Brief

Service Features Include:

  • 24/7/365 phishing attack detection and mitigation
  • 100% phishing site shut down success rate
  • 5 hour or less median phishing site shut down
  • Disruption of the cybercrime ecosystem used to launch phishing attacks
  • Optional Vishing and SMiShing coverage (voice and SMS text)
  • Fixed fee, unmetered service pricing

PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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