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Managed Security Awareness Training Designed to Engage Users, Reduce Risk

PhishLabs’ Security Awareness Training provides a scientifically-backed, microlearning-based training program that keeps users engaged and drives better security behaviors on an ongoing basis. PhishLabs’ experts deliver a training experience for end users that is optimized for sustainable learning in modern corporate environments and is tailored to the needs of the organization. This training is delivered frequently and combined with simulated attack exercises to drive continuous behavior improvement.

Develop Key Skills and Avoid Risky User Behavior

Our experts use a programmatic training methodology that continuously improves the skills needed by your users to avoid risky behaviors and report phishing attacks. Due to the use of microlearning modules with a singular focus, users are also better able to retain the information and put it into action when tested with simulations. Our methodology employs best practices born from years of experience training users across many different organizations.

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“PhishLabs’ training solution has been an excellent addition to our toolkit in the fight against cyber threats. The email campaigns are customized to fit our line of business and the teachable moments quickly increase awareness among all employees.”

Tom Steele, Vice President of Information Technology at Mechanics Cooperative Bank

Train with Content that Fits Your Organization

Canned training content is rarely a great fit for the culture and policies of an organization. Instead of providing a massive training library and hoping you’ll find something useful, we have designed our microlearning training curriculums to be tailored to the branding and policy needs of each PhishLabs client. This way, end users are trained with content that looks and feels like it is from your organization, is aligned with your security needs, and that looks and feels like it’s from your organization.

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PhishLabs Managed Phishing Awareness Training

“We experienced an 80% reduction in our staff responding to highly targeted phishing attacks after implementation of the PhishLabs program.”

Douglas K. Smith, MD, CPHIMS, CHCIO, CHPS
President, Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants

There are more than 1 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs today.

Source: 2017 Cybersecurity Jobs Report

Partnership Designed to Extend Your Security Talent and Budget

Our experts provide a fully managed curriculum that combines insight into both real-world digital risks and phishing attacks. We understand how your users learn and we use scientifically-proven techniques and technology that keep users engaged, learning, and improving over time without being overburdened. Using our methodology and education model, our experts partner with you to deliver powerful training that fits your organization’s needs while crafting and executing monthly campaigns that integrate short, engaging microlearnings with phishing simulations and point-of-failure training.

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Stay on Track and Deliver Training Results

Security teams are stretched thin, which is why PhishLabs’ Managed Security Awareness Training delivers a robust curriculum and program without placing an additional burden on security teams. Working as a partner with your team, a PhishLabs training expert will provide the planning, analysis, and day-to-day management needed to produce real results that meet your organization’s vision.

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PhishLabs Managed Phishing Awareness Training

PhishLabs is the Leading Provider of Threat Intelligence and Mitigation Solutions.

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