People-Centric Security Awareness Training

Decrease risk with continuous behavioral improvement

Threat actors routinely exploit unsuspecting and untrained end users, making enterprises vulnerable to email-borne attacks. A lack of realistic, workplace-based security training increases the risk of attack and can result in exposure to costly malware and Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams.

Regardless of the sophistication of your security stack, trained employees continue to bare substantial responsibility for ensuring a strong Digital Risk Protection strategy. However, many lack access to realistic and engaging security training in their work environment, a clear understanding of risky scenarios, and an easy way to report suspicious activity. Enterprises also lack the time, budget, and knowledge to train users, resulting in poor visibility into employee security deficiencies and access to training solutions that minimally impact productivity.

Terranova Security is the global partner of choice in Security Awareness Training, delivering targeted and engaging training with a practical, people-centric approach that reduces risk and creates a first line of defense by developing your own team of cyber heroes.

PhishLabs and Terranova Security are part of Fortra. Terranova Security provides superior Security Awareness Training, further strengthening Digital Risk Protection strategies for global enterprises.

Strengthen the Human Firewall

Enterprise security teams often lack the expertise to create and deliver impactful cybersecurity training. Technicians are rarely equipped to administer comprehensive training programs that are traditionally managed by corporate specialists.

Backed by dedicated Client Success Managers, Terranova Security makes it easy to build risk-based campaigns that feature the industry’s highest-quality training content and real-world phishing simulations. As a result, any employee can better understand phishing, social engineering, data privacy, compliance, and other critical best practices that help ensure continuous behavior improvement.

Workplace-Based Training Stops Threat Actors

Traditional corporate training solutions often fall short of meeting employee and departmental needs. In-person training requires cumbersome logistical and curriculum planning, and in some cases includes irrelevant content to fill time and justify the expense. Worst of all, it can result in productivity loss and lower retention while removing busy employees from the workplace or their remote working environments.

With Terranova Security, you can train users in minutes, regardless of their location, with easily consumable, microlearning and nanolearning segments. These concise training sessions convey important cyber security subjects in digestible portions that take only minutes to complete. To ensure an impact on all users, Terranova Security offers end-to-end customization of courses and simulations, multilingual content supporting 40 languages, gamification to sustain engagement, diverse accessibility for all employees, and mobile responsive modules for employees on the go. As a collaborative partner, you can leverage years of experience and subject matter expertise to help plan and execute a security awareness program focused on the threats your employees encounter every day.

Simulations Drive Behavioral Improvement

Traditional classroom instruction, while thorough, fails to properly simulate real phishing attacks. Further, security teams lack the time and training to create and administer relevant simulations. End users require exposure to malicious email simulations, intermixed with daily communication, to develop positive reporting habits.

Backed by the world’s best security awareness training course content, Terranova Security helps you build a personalized campaign with topics, microlearnings, nanolearnings, reinforcement, and communication tools. We take a step-by-step approach that keeps your training program aligned with your objectives to ensure training is right the first time. Our diverse content library is continually updated to ensure that your users enjoy training that is current, easy to understand, and backed by the industry’s most respected experts.

Strengthen Your First Line of Defense

Even the most sophisticated email security stacks will fail to stop the billions of phish sent by threat actors daily. This leaves businesses susceptible to devastating attacks, and humans to recognize, report, and act on suspicious activity.

Training from Terranova Security drives continuous, improved security awareness designed to change user behaviors, reduce the human risk factor, and counter a wide variety of cyber threats targeting enterprises and their employees. Put users first with a targeted, engaging, and practical, people-centric training approach designed to reduce risk and contribute to a complete Digital Risk Protection strategy that creates a first line of defense of your own team of cyber heroes.

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