Digital Risk Protection

Expert-curated threat intelligence and unmatched mitigation for brand impersonation, data leakage, social media threats, account takeover, and other digital risks in one complete solution.

Digital Risk Protection covers threats.

How It Works

The PhishLabs Platform is the foundation of our Digital Risk Protection solution. Developed over a decade in partnership with the world’s most targeted brands, the PhishLabs Platform delivers comprehensive collection, expert curation, and complete mitigation of digital risks.

The PhishLabs Platform for Digital Risk Protection

Gain Visibility into External Threats

Brand impersonation, data leakage, and other external threats can happen anywhere online. Without extensive visibility across digital channels, these threats can easily go undetected and cause substantial harm.

The PhishLabs Platform delivers comprehensive visibility by collecting massive amounts of data across the surface, deep, and dark web. We monitor thousands of social media sources and ingest data from hundreds of public and private data feeds. We also integrate data from client-specific sources such as referrer logs and any 3rd party feeds.

This data is aggregated and processed at scale, incorporating automated crawling, parsing, anti-evasion, and pivoting processes to generate intelligence. The intelligence is enriched by our experts, who use advanced sourcing techniques to supplement the platform.

Comprehensive Intelligence Sourcing

Surface, Deep, Dark Web, Mobile App Stores
Social Networks, Paste Sites, Gripe Sites, Blogs
Data Feeds
URLs, Passive DNS, SSL Certs, Email and SMS Spam, Malware
Client Sources
3rd Party Feeds, Referrer Logs, Abuse Reports, Web Beacon

Machine and Human Collection Methods

Flexible Parsing Automates Data Ingestion Across Sources
Advanced Crawling Technology Captures Web Data
Anti-Evasion Techniques Detect Hidden Malicious Content
Pivoting Processes Identify Related Threat Infrastructure

Reduce Noise, Find Threats

Digital Risk Protection Curation Process

The sheer volume of data on the web is overwhelming and growing exponentially. Intelligence tools built to monitor for online threats burden teams with additional responsibilities, divert resources from high-value initiatives, and generate too much noise. False positives are more common than real threats, creating an inefficient process where analysts are forced to churn through haystacks of low fidelity hits.

PhishLabs removes this burden by incorporating advanced automated analysis with expert vetting. This eliminates false positives and delivers curated intelligence that is ready for action.

With automated analysis and risk-scoring algorithms, the platform processes massive amounts of collected intelligence in near real-time to find references to client assets. PhishLabs analysts then review, validate, and categorize the machine-filtered results to produce expert-vetted, curated intelligence. The platform is constantly tuned by our experts, ensuring collection and analysis processes align with current and future needs of each client.

Our curation process ensures that accurate, high fidelity intelligence is delivered. It minimizes the need for additional analysis and review prior to taking action. In doing so, the platform streamlines the response process and reduces the lifespan of threats while reducing security team workloads.

Address Threats Quickly and Completely

Successful Digital Risk Protection requires a comprehensive mitigation strategy that can rapidly and completely protect against online threats. Partial mitigation strategies, such as integrating threat indicators into internal security controls, are not enough to prevent harm to brands, customers, and employees.

PhishLabs delivers a complete mitigation strategy through our extensive global takedown network, browser-blocking, and automated integrations with internal controls.

Instead of relying primarily on automated form submissions and emails, the PhishLabs Platform connects directly to service providers via proprietary Killswitches and Takedown APIs. This delivers the fastest and most successful takedown capability in the industry. By combining takedown, browser-blocking, and integration with internal security controls, PhishLabs ensures threats are quickly and completely mitigated.

Global Takedown Network

Killswitch Integrations, Takedown APIs, Strategic Relationships, Browser-blocking, DMCA Takedowns

API Integrations


Client Web App

Executive Dashboard, Incident Management, Intuitive Workflows, Reporting and Analytics

Reporting APIs

Threat Intelligence Indicators, Incident Data Reporting, Incident Creation

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