Banking Trojans

Mitigate the threat of versatile banking trojans

Cybercriminals Expand Banking Trojan Capabilities

Banking Trojans are a form of financial crimeware used by cybercriminals to harvest sensitive credential data, take over online accounts, and steal money. Cybercrime gangs are increasingly using banking Trojans to deploy ransomware attacks, expanding beyond known attack methods.

With PhishLabs, you can detect and take down the infrastructure used to orchestrate crimeware campaigns that lead to account takeover fraud and proactively disrupt banking Trojan-facilitated ransomware attacks.

Protect Online Accounts Against Fraud

Designed to automate cybercrime, banking Trojans operate on both mobile and desktop platforms to carry out financial fraud by stealing confidential login credentials. Criminals can easily use this data to take control of online accounts and execute transactions.

PhishLabs enables organizations to mitigate the risk of banking Trojans targeting customer accounts. We collect intelligence from a broad set of sources, monitor banking Trojans in the wild, and analyze potential threats using a combination of automated and manual techniques to identify criminals and dismantle attacks.

Cybercriminals also register look-alike domains for web-based delivery of banking Trojans that distribute ransomware, credential-stealing scripts, and links to further scams. Designed to trick victims by impersonating a familiar brand, visitors must download and run an installer to view content. Using PhishLabs to detect and mitigate look-alike domain registrations can proactively disrupt these attacks.

Banking Trojans Facilitate Ransomware

Cybercrime gangs have historically used banking Trojans for the mass theft of financial data. However, they are continuously innovating to expand capabilities, evade detection, and earn a higher payout.

Collecting, selling, or using stolen financial data for individual accounts takes time and can potentially result in nominal gain. Consequently, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting enterprises to demand bigger bounties in less time by delivering banking Trojans via email that initiate ransomware attacks.

With PhishLabs, enterprises can detect and mitigate malicious email attachments that get past security controls. Using unique threat intelligence sourced from millions of enterprise users, we automatically find and remove malicious emails throughout the enterprise and stop the delivery of banking Trojans that lead to ransomware deployments.

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