Our Cause

It’s never been easier to connect and communicate with the world. Enterprises do everything online, across all kinds of digital platforms outside of the network. Social media, web, email, mobile apps, SMS, etc… With all of that exposure, it’s also never been easier for bad actors to attack your employees, customers, and brands. And when they do, you find you don’t have the power to stop it.

PhishLabs helps you solve this problem. We provide external threat intelligence, incident response, and security awareness training solutions that mitigate digital risks and give you control you need to protect your enterprise, customers, and brands.

How It All Started


It all started when a security engineer-turned-product manager at a leading brand monitoring company realized that their solutions weren’t effective at stopping phishing attacks. They’d take phishing sites down, only to see new attacks pop right up elsewhere.

Frustrated by this never-ending game of whack-a-mole, he decided to take a different approach. Instead of mindlessly chasing site after site, he wanted to analyze these sites while they were being taken down to collect intelligence about how they worked.

This proved to be a game-changer. By identifying which kits were being used, where credentials were being sent, how the sites were hosted, etc. he was able to find additional points of leverage and turn the tables. Now, he was able to go after the bad guys’ infrastructure and disrupt their activity.

Thus, PhishLabs was born.

Since then, PhishLabs has grown and extended our capabilities to include broader external threat intelligence, incident response, and security awareness training solutions. But our approach has stayed the same. We don’t settle for whack-a-mole. We use intelligence, innovation, and hard work to turn the tables and help enterprises take control of threats outside their network.

And what happened to our fearless product manager? He is our founder and CTO, John LaCour.

The Values We Share

Focus on teamwork which quickly responds to new information and ideas. Reassess priorities and adjust course as appropriate.
Acknowledge and accept responsibility for your actions and the results of your work. Contribute with a sense of urgency and take initiative to identify and implement solutions.
Focus on the interests of our clients. Put them at the heart of business decisions. Consider their experience and exceed their expectations.
Seek ways to improve the way we work. Challenge the status quo and raise awareness of new business opportunities.
Hold yourself and your peers to a high-security standard. Build additional protection into processes and systems from the start. Promptly raise awareness of any potential security issues.
Be self-aware and seek constructive feedback. Push through challenges and learn from mistakes. Always positively impact those around you.
Unwavering honesty and commitment to your word and obligations. Do what you say, say what you do.
Proactively share ideas and opinions with complete transparency.

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