2023 Domain Impersonation Report - Key Findings

2023 Domain Protection Report – Key Findings

The average brand is targeted by 40 look-alike domains per month. Domain impersonation is the foundation for a multitude of online threats. Watch Elyse Neumann, Fortra’s Sr. Director of Client Operations, and Eric George, Fortra’s Director of Solutions Engineering, as they discuss the key findings from Fortra’s 2023 Domain Impersonation Report.  

Learn about this growing problem, including: 

  • The average number of look-alike domains observed per brand, per month
  • How look-alike domains are being used to target brands
  • The average time from look-alike domain registration to behavior that is actionable
  • Common email display name spoofing techniques
  • The most abused Top-Level Domains (TLDs)


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