IT Security Wire: Cybersecurity in 2023: Top Three Predictions

Posted on November 1, 2023

In this IT Security Wire article, cybersecurity experts Eric George and Tom Gorup, Vice President of Security Operations at Fortra’s Alert Logic, share their 2023 cybersecurity predictions.

Originally published in IT Security Wire

“PaaS (phishing-as-a-service) platforms simplify the creation and execution of credential theft phishing attacks which target the customers or employees of enterprise brands. These platforms cater to the lesser experienced threat actors and therefore, have the potential to significantly expand the number of criminals conducting phishing attacks.” – Eric George

“Demand for security will skyrocket in 2023 driven by an economic downturn, consumer expectations, and new compliance requirements. Meanwhile, the talent pool for addressing the demand will remain depleted. This mismatch of security expectations and lack of quality talent supply will drive businesses to seek out third parties to solve their problems. As a result, we will experience choice overload in the MDR, MSPs, and MSSPs spaces, seeking to fill the gaps for companies that don’t have the resources or in-house expertise to manage their own security challenges,” – Tom Gorup

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